02 March 2006

piddling in my panties

If the screencaps from Project Runway weren't enough to make you explode out of cuteness, check out these amazing pictures thanks to Santino's blog.

Santino <3's>

Great, Justin...Now I want cake too! And I'm clearly too fat for it.

Also, there is some sort of secret announcement coming from Santino within the next week. What could it be? If this is some sort of gimmick to convince people to sign up for his mailing list, I certainly fell for it.

Lastly, if I was going to piddle in any sort of panties, I'd hope that they were these ones...

Yes, Santino is selling "What Would Santino Do?" thongs, t-shirts, camisoles, hats, mugs, tote(s) bags, messenger bags, buttons, magnets, and stickers. Buy them here.

I should be studying for my monkey test,
Joe John

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Katey said...


I will never have children because they could not possibly be that cute.