29 March 2006

pepsi blue: part two

This is as epic as the first time I heard you can mix and match your own M&Ms! So apparently a crazy company called Ipifini has developed the technology to make your own customized soda. You can choose from a variety of flavors, colors, fragrances, and even doses of caffeine. In a sense, you can create your own "designer" soda.

In 3rd grade I wrote an essay about the year 2000. I said that classes would be taught by robots instead of teachers. I think my teacher was sad about my essay because she thought I was saying she wasn't as cool as a robot. What's my point? The future is so weird.

I wish my professor was a robot!,
Joe John


Anonymous said...

i wish my professer WERE a robot.

c'mon, joe john, the subjunctive is your friend!

Andrea said...


In other news, that soda is awesome!

Justin said...

God, the grammar gestapo is the worst! But the future looks oh so bright.

Joe John said...

GUYS...I wrote an essay in third grade. When I was in third grade, I didn't even KNOW what a subjunctive is. Clearly, my grammar mistake was intentional!

I KNEW three people couldn't have been that excited about soda.

Anonymous said...

hot tip: go to the iTunes music store and listen to the amazing Brokeback Mountain theme remixes. they are the shiz.