15 March 2006

no rules, no pants, and no lyrics

Lovelife was a musical group that I sort of randomly discovered somehow. They claim that they sound like, "Hot muscular naked female angels singing/weeping/puking on each other." I claim that they sound like infectiously catchy electro-pop with no lyrics. After hearing the song below, I was humming it for the next week. I have been waiting to post this for a month. You can probably understand once you see the title...

(more music at website)


Justin said...

You got my hopes up! I thought they were going to reair SBSA, but the site's from last year! The internet has failed me.

Jeffrey D. said...

Ha ha! I searched google for the name of one of my tracks and this site came up! "Totes Umbrellas" sounds familiar; do I know one of you people?

Yours truly,
Jeff aka Lovelife