31 March 2006

march madness: bishop allen sings about months

Recently I've been out of the internet music loop. What? New Morrissey? What? I'm supposed to do a post about the new Prince album?

I could lie and pretend that I was getting this news about Bishop Allen from somewhere besides YANP, but that'd just be a huge ass lie. I'm not that original. Here's some news about the months EP project....

The new Bishop Allen March EP track "Monitor" dropped on The Space. The EP is not currently for sale yet, but it should be up on their website soon.
If you're in New York tonight, see Bishop Allen playing at Piano's (158 Ludlow St) at 11PM. If you miss that show, don't sweat it! There's another show on April 28th. But if you're in NYC, I don't recommend missing this show.

In March on a windy day, we can stay inside,
Joe John

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