01 March 2006

local celebrity: the real world, key west

Since her graduation from Quinnipiac University, Paula has become a corporate slave by day, but makes up for it by partying relentlessly at night. No shrinking violet, this striking girl demands the spotlight from both men and women. Confrontational, yet sensitive; bitchy, yet likeable; damaged, yet self-aware; attractive, yet insecure; Paula possesses a variety of personality traits. Seemingly caught in a downhill spiral, Paula is still connected to her abusive ex-boyfriend, and is battling body image issues. Chaos seems follows this beautiful young woman everywhere she goes. Will the Real World house should prove to be no exception?

NAME: Paula
AGE: 24

Thanks Essie! I'm glad to see what the people in our neighboring town are up to. Especially if they're on reality TV shows.

EDIT: Essie has managed to blow my mind even more. Paula is on MySpace. Not only that, but she posted this oh-so-flattering picture of herself.

The caption reads, "I'm the human bottle opener."

Am I the only one who really wants to hang out with her???

Starting to get real,
Joe John

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