07 March 2006

let them eat cookies: lisa tells all

Oh Lisa...
A cycle later, and I still love you.

See more photos here. See a video montage of our fave Lisa moments. America's Next Top Model Cycle 6 debuts tomorrow at 8PM on UPN. Get pumped. Or get pumped to read these beautiful quotes from Lisa.

"Nik is a lesbian. Nicole stole the granola bar. and I don't remember anyone having bad B.O."

"Nik wasn't told to keep her being a lesbian on the DL. She wanted it that way. She didn't want anyone to be judged in that light. As you all could probably see, she always plays it safe-she doesn't create waves."

"I didn't want anyone to win! I wanted them to run after me and say they made a mistake. Truly, I knew I was the best one all around. And the one photo shoot that I got eliminated on proved to me in my heart that it was rigged, and just bull-shit and I'll tell you why.... For the photo shoot, it was the phone booth. I was the last girl to shoot, when I was done J Manuel lined all the girls up and said Lisa did the best, she was so playful. (He then) told the girls that we were the final 6 and they needed to pick up the pace like Lisa's doing. Then proceeds to show them the poses I was doing with the facial expressions(mine you they couldn't see because they were behind me) and then said "YOU ALL GET MORE FRAMES EXCEPT FOR YOU LISA!!! and that was the one I was eliminated on.......? And with the paparazzi photo.... the one they showed while actually taping in London was good. The one they showed on TV-BAD! They switched it out so it would make more sense to viewers. But, actually I took a good picture. So, the girls got to shoot again where as I didn't. Unfair. So, you see I don't know what to think about the whole thing. Also, if I was eliminated because of my big personality, why did they tell me everytime I asked we are only judged on our pictures and the challenges- not our character!!! Thats what they told me over and over and over and over!!!!! What would you think about this If it were you in my shoes? I mmeeeaaannn..... right!"

"I know that if they knew that I wasn't going to win, they had to not let me get to top 3 because they knew that my performance would've been awesome especially because they knew that I excelled under pressure! And then it would of been more of a contraversy because I wouldn't of won. Thats the fucking truth! Sucks huh? Thats why I was eliminated so early!"

"TYRA....well, I really don't know what to think of her. At the beginning of the proccess of casting she seemed sincere and then she became a stranger again.

NIGEL- hooo this is gonna be fun!!! I think that Nigel is a fucking perve. He would comment on how jaylas tits looked in her top as soon as she walked in. All the girls laugh with a kiss ass laugh and I was straight up giving him dirty looks. He's one of the judges but hes disgusting and I'm not kissing any ass. Also he said to Ashley with her super hero pic: Wow it looks like you just got gang banged and you're just coming up from giving a blow job!! Totally unnessessary, right?! And he looks us up and down like a child molester! I wish they showed that on t.v.!!!

MS. J- I just think Ms. J is a sell out ugly tran. Poor guy actually, without fame he'd probably get none probably still doesn't. Also, I'm still trying to figure out why he is on that show...... He didn't teach us anything!!! Also, plus I'm mad at him because he said one thing to my face and another thing behind my back (I found out) SELLOUT!!!

TWIGGIE- shes a nice lady, boring though.Very Very Sweet! But, she didn't take a liking to me. I really thought she did too, oh well."

"Coryn! I hate her. Hate is such a strong word I hate using it! I dislike Coryn! She is very ignorant, she never sees both sides of any situation and shes just not very smart! I do think that she has a beautiful smile though. I told her that all the time in the house. Also, I should let you all know this.... Coryn lost 10 to 15 pounds from the show started to about 3 weeks into it! She even said that in an interview. I was truely trying to be a friend by telling her to stop working out! I wasn't trying to sabatage anyone. I didn't have too! My secret from those girls was that I had 10 years of experience under my belt, I knew that I knew my shit!! And, Coryn looked like a cracked out starving freak in her bathing suit! When we were all in our bathing suits doing runway around the pool, they don't even show her body really because it looked so disgusting! They went for the close up. Good idea! And even the judges told her that every week!! Trust, I was truely trying to help! But, of course, she got defensive because she's stupid. Bottom line."

"Coryn and I acted cool on the Tyra show because we didn't want Tyra to bank off anymore of ourselves. And they were pushing it soo much for us to fight again, like instigating shit that I told Coryn that it would be in our best interests if we acted like friends.We have a common ground- we don't like eachother and we don't have to try to be friends! And that seems to be working out! Luckily I don't have to see her that often."

"The girls that I just love because they are really good girls inside are Diane and Ebony. I want to hate Kim, but we have the same sense of humor and have soo much fun! And I'm jealous of her because she comes from a millionaire family! She's loaded!!!"

"I must say though, I wasn't expecting for them to blow up the whole drinking thing. They went a little crazy on that one. One particular night was on 3 episodes!"

"Hi guys. Sooo you loved Kyle too! Now I think she is really sweet but during taping I thought that she wasn't that bright (still actually) and also she never had her own opinions. She and Sara just laughed at whatever Kim said, followed Kim around, always agreed with whatever the majority thought was and just fixed her hair and did her make up all day! Never had any stimulating conversation to speak. And, if I hear her say Dairy Queen one more time I'm going to rip my hair out! But, she is stunning to look at! Just not very interesting! She gets by with her smile and nodding her head and that will probably take her pretty far!"

"Oh, and to continue my thoughts on Kyle:
I guess I have ill feelings about when we were taping because I was letting her borrow all my clothes and my shoes and she acted like my friend and she was straight up talkin' shit about me on tv. I hate that shit. If you've got a problem with me, don't kiss my ass, act like my friend, borrow my clothes and straight up diss me on t.v. Actually, when the show finally aired, It made me sooo sad because all the girls seemed to be the same. I made those girls breakfast, let them borrow my clothes, I cleaned the kitchen every morning just so that no one would argue over mess in kitchen, and I always made sure everyone was up in time! So......it really hurt my feelings."

"Also, about the cookies! Everyone loves the cookies! I even got a container of cookies with my picture on it from the editors! they said they loved editing me on that! they said that I was their favorite."

"I know that when I said that on her show- the audience was soo thrilled that I said that that they got out of there seats and started clapping. I know that she got mad at me. I doubt that she would ever invite me on her show again. Because, unfortunately I'm honest and am not a puppet nor will I ever be. Tyra has never spoken to me unless the cameras on."

"On the next season, I think that the asian girl is going to win. Its obviously all about politics so because of race I say her. For some reason, I'm drawn towards Molly Sue. I haven't heard her speak, but I like her look!"

-Read more here

I looooove bubbles,
Joe John


Anonymous said...

Seriously, Lisa. Stop being such a bitter old bitch. You lost. Deal. Think about the real world of modeling. You would have no chance in that either. Being able to pose doesn't make up for all the things you are lacking.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, thanks for spilling the beans, I don't think you are bitter at all.

I KNEW Nicole took that damn granola bar. I guess the show didn't want thier winner to look bad.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, there's no need to be bitter because you're fugly, and you lost. Doomed for a life as a D-list celebrity, you feel the need to lash out on all the other contestants that were pretty and actually had talent. Sure, you took some great pictures, but did you ever stop to think that you're OLD, and you have LEATHER skin, not to mention the fact that you pissed yourself on national tv? Congratulations, you just won my vote for most bitter fucktard of the year.

MrBrightside said...

Lisa, I've been a huge supporter of yours ever since the first episode. Over on SurvivorSucks .. we have a huge thread devoted for ANTM and even though most people didn't like your personality .. everyone agrees that your elimination was just stupid. I loved your edge and I loved your confidence .. some people think it's cocky, rude or whatever. You kicked ass, you rocked the competitions and most of all, you were leagues above the rest of the girls in your season. When you were eliminated I was absolutely floored because you didn't deserve it one bit. And of all people, Jayla was chosen over you?? It was fucked up. I loved you on Tyra's show and callin her out LoL it was funny shit. I hope you have a successfull career, man .. Cycle 6 is going to seem boring bcause there's only 1 Lisa! :)

Cassidy666 said...

Seriously, Lisa, what mrbrightside just said. I hope you read this. You were the best on your season and what happened to you on the show was complete injustice. You made the show last season and after you were gone, it just wasn't fun to watch any more. Overall, you were one of the two best contestants on Top Model ever. (The other is Elyse, of course.) You had the goods and also provided the personality. Hope you're doing great. It would be nice to know what you're doing now. Check out the Survivor Sucks board. We tend to be quite frank and unconsored over there, much like you are. Cheers.

n said...

hey Lisa, if you're reading this, i just wanna say you rock!! Those judges were blind not choosing you. I heard you make dog sweaters!!! cool!!

Anyways, i knew that nigel was a horny bitch. Wish they showed that on tv.

seriously, you made season 5 watchable. chill, eat a cookie and have a great day :)

gokoro said...

Mr. Brightside doesn't speak for me. I'm from Survivor Sucks and I hated you for more than your personality. And I think your elimination was 27 cuts too late.

Anonymous said...

Lisa don't listen to the haters. You were absolutely fabulous and have one of the best portfolios in ANTM history. Keep doin whatchya doing cuz Tyra's a fucked up bitch...

Anonymous said...

Wow! You must have no life. Your a top model has been! Shut the fuck up! Just face it, you.....did.... not....win! Is it clicking in your brain yet? Your way to old to do any kind of modeling. Computers can only fix so much.

P.S. Whats up with your picture? You look like a drunk man.

Bryson said...

I wish that girl Coryn would of beat the shit out of you.

Cindy Powell said...

The only reason why you did better then some of the girls is because you been doing this for a long long time. If the other girls had as much practice as you they would of blew you away! Your old and been modeling since the beginnning of time and you still made it no where. JUst do what you do best, make dog clothes.

Anonymous said...

You haters are freakin idiots. Lisa kicked ass and you're just jealous because she's one of the favorites from Cycle 5. Get a life and accept the fact that she has one of the best portfolios in ANTM.

Tony17 said...

Why did you piss on your self on national T.V.? Dont you fell stupid? I was cheering for you until I seen that and you talking about everybody in the house.

Anonymous said...

Tony told me about this web site and I had to stop by and say, What the hell were you thinking pissing in a diaper on national T.V.? You have no class what so ever.

Anonymous said...

Hello I just wanted to say I thought you were funny, but now reading this page.... I dont like you anymore. Just thought I sould say that.

Anonymous said...

Lisa kicks ass and she's the best ANTMer ever!

Janey said...

You should be ashamed of yourself! Why are you talking about other peoples business? Do you really have no life? Why do you have to put Nicks and other girls business out there? Yes we would all rather hear about the other girls then you, but you really shouldn't talk about things you know nothing about.

Drunk people always have to talk shit... Get drunk and become talkative.

Anonymous said...

You showed arrogance right from the start - so who cares what you bitch about. You are ugly.. in one of the photoshoots with the jackass boys, your face looked like freakish cougar. Even the judges thought you didnt have a pretty face. So suck balls bi-atch. It's not like its the end of the world but who knows? I really hope that by now, you've got a very 'opened' mind. Do you know what it is? Do you ever know how to be nice or maybe you were born selfish?

Stop thinking like you are such a know it all. Do you ever shut up & stop being jealous & let other's have the spotlight for once? The diaper seen was obviously very low. You are extremely selfish and have no mind beyond the scope of black & white. How ironic to bitch about others, it makes yourself look even more stupid. :) People bitched about you obviously because you didnt know how to present yourself to the world nicely. :)

Anonymous said...

Lisa,the show without you would be so boring.Obviously you were too good and I am sure that we are going to see more of you soon.Love your pictures and you energy.You go girl.

Anonymous said...

sour grapes comes to mid u bitter old hag u were far to old for top model and Nicole didnt win cause she was white after all Eva and Naima won previously and they were black so its not only white people who win

and leave kyle alone she is the nicest person ever and u are clearly not

Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed at people who come on blogs just to bash the person who wrote it. Maybe it's you who have no lives. Blogs are a place to vent, so let the girl vent.

Lisa, you were over the top and made things interesting. Loved your photos, GL.

Helena said...


I adore you m'dear. In watching you on ANTM I saw a likeness of myself. You exhibit such EXUBERANCE. You live, laugh, and laugh. Unfortunately, those who are uninhibited and show true character are vulnerable to criticism for not conforming and. . . succeeding. You were eliminated unfairly and you know it.

Your look is much more complex and interesting. Each photo of you shows a different dimension. Growth. Humanity. Perfection in your imperfection. You weren't just a palate that became interesting when painted upon.

Old? We've had older candidates on top model and older fashion icons to boot. Age is pretty irrelevant and a sad excuse.

Alcohol? The tabloids capture more cups that doth runneth over in the hands of A and B list celebrities whom are still loved despite their skeletons. You are only human and unfortunately, edited into the character the producers wanted you to be.

Those who ridicule you for your actions and accordingly, your look, make me wonder. Let us pull someone as an example - Angelina Jolie. So many skeletons yet.. she is loved by the masses.

Public opinion is often influenced and even dependent upon those of "higher" figures. It is such a shame.

Pay no attention to the lesser educated who really have no standing.

P.S. Nicole? Top model? I'm not impressed. I saw immaturity from her that would have ordinarily been picked at if it were exhibited by other contestants. I saw no real CHARACTER growth, as the judges seem to be so genuinely interested in. Rather wishy washy, no? She's easy to look at and easily fits into a stereotype.

There's always some sort of bias. I'm sorry that you were wronged. I wish you the very best. Keep your humanity.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I've got a sincere question.
You clearly have anger towards the show (and if all you said is true I can't say that I blame you), so why did you make an appearance on Cycle 6? I would imagine that from this you received credit for your posing talent.

At the end of the day, going on to a reality TV show you must understand that things are going to be edited to highlight certain things and you have to take responsibilities for your own actions.

Anonymous said...

Honesty...how refreshing! I always figured thewhole show was fixed and Tyra was self-absorbed and Ms. J. being useless...I AGREE! Rock on, honey...keep going strong...you should have won! Peace out.

Anonymous said...

Oh please! You do realize you sound like a bitter, jealous shrew right? Did you ever think you were eliminated because of your behavior during the shoot with the jackass guys? Peeing in a diaper... really! It was disgusting & inappropriate.

During that season you walked around around acting as if you were automatically going to win, and claiming you were the best. Well self praise is no praise darling. You were way to crass, crude, and ill mannered to ever win. Not to mention your "little" alcohol problem. Cousin it, the shrub?? Ha!
Honey, if you want to see something that really resembles Cousin it, go look in a mirror!

BabyGirl said...

All the people that have left comments here saying how bitter Lisa is or slagging her off - your lying! If you really think so low of her then why have you taken nthe time out of your day to read her blog and then write a comment? You are all just jealous that she has confidence. You are the bitter ones!!

Too you Lisa - you are fab and i think you should have won top model. You had the looks, the personality, and the talent. Nicole should not have won, she was useless!! Lisa you rule!!

Anonymous said...

This is like, two years later... but now I'm watching cycle 11 and I'm still thinking about how cool it was when Lisa was in the show!
Those who say you're ugly might prefer pageants to high fashion. It's not all about being pretty pretty... it's about being fierce, and that, you are.
Also, many Americans don't understand that there is a big difference between enjoying drinking and a drinking problem.
I thought it was so cool when you peed in that diaper. Those damn prudish people! there offended by nothing!
Yeah, those people that hate you should just watch their beauty pageants in their little comfortable hometown. I prefer top models who drink and piss in their face and look fierce doing it.

And thanks for sharing some insider facts about the show. I knew these people were all hypocrits. Well, they've got to appeal to smalltown America! We know they're all doing hard stuff and pissing on each other when the camera's off!!!

Anonymous said...

Shut the fuck up you old hag. You complain only because you were eliminated. Now Nicole looked like a model you look like someones damn grand mother. You are mad at Nigel because he did not want to see you. How are we supposed to believ that bull crap you are making up. Get a life and some botox. If I was Tyra I would only talk to you the times I had to. So go choke on a cock. Yeah, like everyone else is wrong and you are right. And while everyone is mad at saleisha for her preshow work this bitch has done much more and no one said anything so ugly old bitter tasteless untalented, stank, old, model wannabee, never going to do anything better than nicole ugly stank, worst contestant on antm bitch.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who sides with lisa is obviously stupid. I would not believe her because she is crazy making comments that made no sense. She is a grown ass woman who peed in a diaper in public. SShe is crazy if any one else would have done that she would be considered crazy. lisa looked old and only took good pics with the pounds of make up she had own. Her elimination was not bull. Jayla had the better judging challenge. She looked fresher and more like a model. Lisa looked old. Anyone who knows a lick about the fashion industry would know nicole lloked like a model. She won because she was white so. Coryn should have beat your ass. You talk boss shyt all the time and can not take it when it comes from some one else. That is why you left payback is abitch, but not nearly as big of a bitch as you. as for babycakes. You are so stupid to think what u do. Like prada would hire his dumb girl. She acted a fool she would always drink and peed in a diaper. If she would represent would america had to offer I would move th Iraq. Because she is a horrible bitch with no talent. If she hadted ANTM so much then why did she do interviews for ANTM obsessed and comeback to talk to the girls in cycle 6, bitch talks boss shyt behind your back, but will not say it to the producers becaus no one wants to hire her and she cannot find a chek anywhere. I am tired of her she was ANTM's biggest dissapointment. If Nigel said that you really believe Tyra would have kept him so long. Who would believe a drunk, dumb girl who peeed in diapers while people watch and talked to bushes. Ran around a house full of people naked with nothin g but bubbles, wearing wigds and eating cookies. BITCH get a motherfucken life. We are tired of you. You wish you were anything like Tyra or Nigel or Nicole or MissJay. MissJay looks better than you she can walk better and I wish when she was the fashion witch she had zapped yo ass. That is why you did not win. If you Nicole only won because she was white then you would have only won because you were white, you are mad because no one kissed your butt and thought you were funny. Mad at the judges you are psycho. I am pissed how you treat people and expect to be treated like damn queen who the fuck are you. Nicole, Kim, Bre, Jayla, Nik, Kyle, Ashley and every other one of the ANTM contestants are better than you. So go get drunk you dumb ass whore. Nicole is working her ass off youre not doing a damn thing. If I was a designer and you came into my showroom I would cuss yo old ugly dumb stank ass out and fucking laugh in your face you wish you could look like COryn. GO BITCH GO AWAY. You only made the show for reviews. Like you would have one BITC PLEASE

One Fine Wire said...

I definitley agree with you on Tyra seeming like she's sincere, but then being a stranger and uncaring. It seems like Tyra actually CARED about the girls the first four seasons, but starting with your season, the show turned into a money scheme where Tyra only had to show up and look pretty.

The reason why I loved the first four seasons was because Tyra was very bubbly and passionate about the show, and really loved and cared about the girls. She was always looking out for their best interests., Also, she put actual THOUGHT into the photo shoots, making sure they looked high fashion and up to the standard of the constantly changing fashion world. Starting with your season, however, it seemed like the show turned into another way to bring in the gravy for Tyra, no longer did I see the sincerity that was once there.

I'd definitley say that the show jumped shark at Season 5, which was the season that you were on the show. That's too bad, really - I actually stopped watching after your season mainly because Tyra came across as just continuing the show for money, not because she actually wanted to help another top model succeed. Also, Nik was completley robbed, she should've won.

All in all, I'm sorry about your Top Model experience being not what you thought it'd be. Maybe what you have to say will dissuade others from going on ANTM since it seems like a complete joke now, and because its NOT what it seems. Maybe my interest in the show would come back if Tyra actually cared about the girls like she used to. Itss a shame that you missed out on that.

ballet19 said...

I'm not surprised that Lisa had alot of modeling experience before auditioning for Cycle 5. Her body coupled with the appropriate skills made for great photoshoots. She was one of the few contestants before Cycle 6 to have extensive knowledge and work in both runway and print.

What she says in terms of the show's characteristics is exactly how reality TV programs are formatted. Nobody with an ounce of intelligence would let a show, which is edited (each one has editors) to be the judge on how an actor or participant is in real life.

TV ratings are very important, tyra knows this. she did do her homework before creating ANTM and did the same for the talkshow, "Tyra". If the content of ANTM is relevant to the fashion industry then the show would've stopped airing after Cycle 3. Most people cannot handle the idea of learning about a career on TV when the intent is to relax after eight or more hours at work. ANTM is entertaining, hence the continuing rise in ratings.

Modeling is not how Tyra Banks portrays it (it's been this way since Cycle 5). When Janice Dickinson left, Tyra probably felt more comfortable with changing the concept of the show entirely to her liking without considering the fashion industry. Janice Dickinson is America's first supermodel and one of the world's first supermodels (the earliest is Lisa Fonssagrives of Sweden). If Janice was looking at the pictures of photoshoots from each cycle after the 4th one she will most likely be appalled.

Most of ANTM's contestant history is filled with women without prior modeling experience. These are the individuals who play "model" in their bedrooms before dinner and dream about that CoverGirl contract. Haute couture is high-fashion or dresses made by grand coutiers but not classic designer houses such as Chanel, Doucet, Lanvin or Pucci.

Photoshoots for couture dresses or commercial outfits are not relevant to the ones shown in fashion magazines such as Harper's Bazaar and Vogue.

Besides, if a photoshoot for a ves Saint Laurent outfit was done on ANTM then nobody would be entertained.

Who is the audience, though? It has always been composed of mostly individuals who are in no way involved in the fashion industry nor have a passion for the subject. Therefore, how many fans of ANTM, which never fails to entertain them, post comments on YouTube.com or IMDB.com how "fierce" Tyra Banks is or how cool the photoshoots are?

When it comes to the success of a winner after a cycle airs, it is usually restricted to America without a chance to model haute couture dresses/gowns in Paris or Milan. Nicole Linkletter was fortunate enough to model in Tokyo via Agence Press, one of her agencies. Part of the reason is she possesses the ideal body size and the appropriate hieght and skill for a model.

Lastly, Lisa is saying everything fans of ANTM don't want to hear: the facts of the fashion industry. Why is it so hard for girls, boys, women and men to accept it?

Anonymous said...

Lisa, you're amazing!

I love you!

Anonymous said...

Nik is now a mom. http://photos.essence.com/galleries/americas_next_top_model_contestant_nik#234491

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I loved you in that cycle :D Ignore the haters here.

Anonymous said...

i wish lisa stayed longer or won!! still like Nicole though, but between her and Nik, i wished nik won, too bad. And about Nigel being a pervert, he should be ashamed for talking to people like that. He said that ashley looked like she just got up from a gangbang and a blow job? wtf... he's dirty, but hes married now. i wonder if he asked the girls to give him head????

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