07 March 2006

i will cut you: the knife's silent shout

The Knife won an instant spot in my heart and ears with the blogosphere arrival of "Heartbeats". I couldn't resist it's sweetness, or even it's swedeness. It was as if someone wrote a song with somewhat nonsensical lyrics to define every single happy moment of my life. Perfection.

If, like me, you come into listening to Silent Shout with expectations that you're going to hear 11 Heartbeats-esque songs, you are in for a surprise. The first six songs of the album alternate one by one between being slow and then remotely dance-able.

I suppose the weakness of the album is that I am constantly craving Karin Dreijer Andersson's vocals on an upbeat, dancey track. While I recognize that the group would be nothing without Olof Dreijer, it is taking me a while to warm up to his vocals, especially when they are slowed down in tracks like "Silent Shout", "From Off to On", and "Still Light". In fact, the entire album moves a little too slow for me. While tracks like "We Share Our Mother's Health" and "Like a Pen" have won me over, very few of these tracks stand out as something I can easily play at my next dance party without clearing the floor.

And I suppose that's how The Knife want it to be. Since 1999, the duo have gained a reputation for their inability to cooperate with the media or mainstream media scene, making very few public appearances or performances. When they won a Grammis (Swedish Grammy) for Best Pop Group in 2003, they sent two members of a girl group known as Unfucked Pussys, dressed as gorillas with the number 50 written on their costumes, to accept the award in protest of the male-dominated music industry. Also, they were very reluctant to sell their song for the amazing "bouncy ball" Sony Bravia commercial, but eventually gave in considering they weren't singing the song and needed the money for their label.

Essentially, once I get over the fact that every song can't be "Heartbeats", I can move on in recognizing that this is one of the best electro-indie pop albums I have been obsessed with since the oh-so three years ago Give Up.

While I don't really like to give out links like this, you can download the entire album at A Best Truth. If you like what you hear, I urge you to BUY THE ALBUM. Help a brotha (and sista) out!

THE KNIFE- You Take My Breath Away
THE KNIFE- Heartbeats
THE KNIFE- Heartbeats (OneMusic Session)
(From Deep Cuts, BUY it here)

Guava Maffiosa also has a link to the new Royskopp track featuring Karin Dreijer. I approve.

I heard you for the first time on the radio,
Joe John

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