25 March 2006

i remember when i lost my mind: contemplating gnarls barkley and their logo

I knew I'd kick myself if I didn't make this post soon. Last year (in Wesleyan history), we were hearing news that Cee-Lo Green (the soul machine) would be popping into Wesleyan for a visit at Spring Fling. At the same time, several of us were bumping DJ Dangermouse's Grey Album on the pod.

Now the two worlds have collided...in the most hilarious way ever.
(VISIT website, BUY the album May 2nd)
GNARLS BARKLEY- Crazy (mc DJ remix)
(VISIT mc DJ's blog)
TEAM 9- Gnarls Barkley/Prince Mash-up
(MP3 courtesy of Between thought and expression)

But okay, despite the late US release date...the songs are sort of old news. Blogs have been posting these songs as early as October. SO...I have another observation to make.

Does this look familiar?
If you go to Wesleyan and happen to have eyes, you may have seen a similar image spraypainted on buildings and sidewalks across the campus. I cannot date how early they appeared, but I find this too strange of a coincidence. What's the story behind them? Did Cee-Lo tag up our campus during Spring Fling? Do we have a secret member of the Gnarls Barkley street team lurking on our campus, attempting to subconsciously familiarize us with this logo? Is Cee-Lo secretly lurking on campus?...Or is the image of a gun shooting out hearts just kind of cliche, making this a simple coincidence? DOES ANYBODY KNOW?!?!? WILL WE EVER KNOW?!?!?

I am a humble trumpet,
Joe John


Justin said...

There is no such thing as coincidence (sorry, I saw "V for Vendetta" earlier this week).

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