01 March 2006

the future of rock is in your hands: drama in emo-land

Emo kids around the world probably had a message in their inbox a few days ago "from" Hawthorne Heights urging that they go out and pick up the new album If Only You Were Lonely. It was a plea to save rock music as we know it..."a battle cry"..."a call to arms". The letter took several jabs at upcoming R&B star Ne-Yo, basically calling him a huge industry tool.

"You might ask, how has ROCK been put on the backburner? A current example is an artist that we are up against called Ne-Yo. Many people are saying that Ne-Yo is going to outsell us because Ne-Yo has had a tremendous amount of over the top, mainstream media coverage. His album will be in stores tomorrow. Radio has played his single 160,000 times. Our single has been played 3,800 times. We know that does not seem possible but it is the truth. Ne-Yo is on a major label. Hawthorne Heights is on an independent label. ROCK music needs to win tomorrow. Independent needs to beat Major tomorrow."
Some of you may be wondering...Who are either of these people??? Well, you may recognize Ne-Yo from his single "So Sick" in which he states how tired he is of hearing love songs on the radio. You may recognize Hawthorne Heights if you've ever driven with Justin.

Surprisingly, the jab at Ne-Yo wasn't for reals. Their label made it up in an effort to "rally the troops" and promote independent music in general. Apparently, Hawthorne Heights isn't as stupid as this makes them out to be. They fully realize that their audience is very, very different from the hip-hop crowd. They're right. While Ne-Yo fans are busy pimpin' all over the world, Hawthorne Heights fans are busy crying. All the time. OK not really, but they are certainly NOT pimping.

Well it appears that the boys of HH didn't read the Times this week, because the reviews for them and Ne-Yo were side by side. Kelefa Sanneh takes a jab at HH's song lyrics stating, "Emo bands aren't usually supposed to hire ghostwriters, but these fellows could use a friendly — and probably, these days, expensive — visit from Ne-Yo." BURRRRRN!!!! As in blue...burning orange. Hawthorne Heights = SO DEEP!

If you don't believe the critics, take a listen yourself and form your own opinion.

HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS- Ohio is for Lovers
(BUY If Only You Were Lonely, because the future of ROCK depends on it)

My heart is in O-hi-oooo,
Joe John


mell said...

"You may recognize Hawthorne Heights if you've ever driven with Justin."

you guys are way too quotable.

Justin said...

Hahahaa! I hate you, Joseph.