09 March 2006

the fantasy fashion show: project runway finale


It seems anticlimactic, but that's pretty much how I feel about Chloe's win. As I've sad before, once Nick and Andrae were out I had no favorites, and especially when it came down to Daniel or Chloe, I was totally indifferent. She's a deserving winner, but not thrilling. If Bravo had let Santino win, it would have meant they were insane, but also that we had a future of seeing Jay and Santino at promotional appearances together. My bet would have been one of them wouldn't have made it through the year.

Anyway. The episode itself wasn't really much to crow about either, as it was entirely bereft of surprises, drama and even good MK-isms (though facial expressions are another matter entirely). It strikes me as a poor idea to break the finale into two parts, seeing as the second half had absolutely no drama to propel itself forward. But I digress.

We begin back in the workroom, where slaves/helpers Andrae, Nick and Diana are still at work on the 13th design. We pause for a moment to appreciate the cheekbones on Daniel and Nick
and the unbridled homoerotic passion between Santino and Andrae

before continuing to listen to everyone bitch about this challenge. They all seem to have decent ideas despite their complaining, though seeing Santino's selection of fabric gave me a momentary heart attack.
Santino, put the fur down before someone gets hurt.

Tim shows up to critique and-- lo and behold!-- he loves Santino's dress! He expresses his pleasure with his typical exuberance
while Danyelle, Andrae's former model, knows where it's at:
That's right girl, when you're a model even a thumbs-up isn't dorky.

Tim even likes Daniel's dress, which is the first love he's given him the whole time, both literally and metaphorically.

Tim blows Daniel...
... a kiss!

And we all know what a happy boy Tim makes Daniel:

When Tim gets to Chloe, however, he just makes Diana feel awkward, which, granted, isn't all that hard:
I promise I'll do better next time, Tim, really I do.

Tim gathers the top three to determine their show order, and as always, Daniel gets to go first. The designers show another bit of adorable solidarity before going back to RIPPING EACH OTHER APART.
Actually, the mood in the workroom seems pretty happy, complete with Timpressions. Even Nick smiles at Santino's jokes again! Ah, to have the old days back. I mean, this is a smile:
but need I remind you of this classic?

The designers work until 4 a.m. and leave for the Bryant Park tents at 5:30 the next morning, so the van is full of some sleepy-ass designers. I think Santino sums it up best:
Of course, as soon as he arrives at Bryant Park he's back to his usual antics, announcing his arrival megaphone-style
and saying that Olympus Fashion Week is "the Mount Everest of fashion."
Santino has reached the summit!

Ah yes, Everest. Just as white and frigid as I expected.

Backstage before the show is the kind of general chaos you can expect. Here's my favorite shot, kind of a Where's Waldo-- can you find Santino?

Daniel has people sewing last-minute things and also lost his "crafty" bags that Tim hated so much. Tim's reaction to the missing bags was my favorite part of the show, mostly because of the excellent lighting that highlighted his indifference:
His exact words here are "Things happen for a reason."

Unfortunately for Tim the bags show up, thanks to this girl who gets a kiss from Daniel and the eternal jealousy of all the rest of us.
What a bitch!

Chloe, on the other hand, is micromanaging everything, sending her models back to the makeup table and critiquing the hair. She says jokingly "The lack of sleep is making me a diva," but seriously girl, take a breather.
What a bitch! part two

The best part about all the behind-the-scenes stuff was catching glimpses of Kara's models and designs, which of course the producers felt no need to explain other than a little "See Kara's line at bravotv.com!" at the bottom of the screen. Still, seeing the Muppets in motion was kind of a thrill:

We are orphans!
But we're still allowed to mix with Chloe's models!
Daniel, hands off! Muppets and Calvin Klein knockoffs do not mix!

And finally... the runway. I had already seen still photos of all the designs, but I was surprised by what a difference it made to see them in motion. I was much more impressed by Chloe's line and much less impressed by Santino's, which kind of surprises me. By the end of the show Chloe seemed like a pretty clear front-runner, but maybe that's just my psychic abilities talking.

Still, parts of the show were cute, like Daniel announcing he didn't know where his parents were only to see them sitting literally 5 feet away
and then, for no real reason, doing a little jig
Santino, on the other hand, is so excited about his mom's presence at the show that "My mom is the shit, y'all!" is the last thing he says before the show. To be fair, though, Catherine Rice is a woman who uses the word "verklempt," and earns all her points for that alone:

Tawlk amongst yourselves.

In her introduction Chloe points out her boyfriend in the audience, and hey, he's pretty cute!

The shows themselves are pretty uneventful except when-- holy crap!-- Rebecca trips!
Didn't Carrie Bradshaw call that fashion roadkill?

Michael Kors, wearing sunglasses indoors I might add, reacts with his usual restraint

After the show Daniel gets interviewed by a guy with the worst cardigan I've ever seen

while Chloe's interview is only interesting because, in the background, Grace is posing with all of her sisters!
The only person more awkward than Tim to stand with 8 tiny Asian women.

And finally, back to the runway. The criticism this time around was pretty tame, since I think they knew it was their best interest not to be too harsh on the three designers they've been busy touting. Daniel reveals a surprise, that he intended his line to reflect "Japanese sleekness with a military influence," which absolutely no one got. Debra Messing was cute, and the only truly good MK line was, in reference to Daniel, "In my inimitable way, I have to say I was underwhelmed." I smell a catchphrase coming on.

Santino is the first to be aufed, and for the first time all season he actually looks humbled
Heidi, with her inexplicably black fingernails, gives him the kiss of death, and we have finally lost our last great character.
Goodbye, drama!

Left on the runway, Chloe and Nick hug each other in a very Miss America way.
If only Chloe had waved her hands in front of her face and burst into tears when she won. Instead she gives us this classic.
Oh Chloe, the reaction shot potential you had.

Heidi gets Daniel off the runway, but not before MK a little awkwardly offers him a job. And we have now guaranteed that Daniel Vosovic will make more a year out of college than I will make in my entire life.
Auf Wiedersehen, you lucky bastard.

Chloe's family bursts out on the runway, and they all immediately start crying

Even Debra Messing looks like she's going to cry.
And even bigger shocker, Nina and MK both look legitimately happy!
I guess dreams really do come true.

And that's it for Project Runway. Hard to believe it's over so soon, but we have more than enough "Top Chef," "Black White," and of course "America's Next Top Model" to keep us entertained in the 9 long months before the next season. It's hard to say if this season was better than the last-- it had less drama and arguably less talent, but way more genuinely likeable people, from Nick and Andrae even to Heidi Strandridge and Diana.

I'll be back in a few weeks with recaps of "America's Next Top Model," and for you, anonymous commenter who said I was too much like FourFour, you're probably still going to be disappointed. While I'm not deliberately trying to imitate anyone, there's only so much variety in screencap-based reality TV recaps. Sorry.

And finally, most of the members of this blog are going on a spring break trip to Vermont starting tomorrow, which may or may not mean some silence here for a while. Though, if there's a WiFi hotspot anywhere in Ludlow, Vermont, I'm positive we'll be the ones to find it. Until then,

Something that could quite possibly be forever,


Manda said...

I also felt like the Chloe's win was really anticlimactic. I was really surprised that Santino was the one who was out first, considering he actually designed clothes that Nina didn't hate. I kind of missed the drama of them fighting on the runway.

Anonymous said...

My only response to this abortion of a finale was to create a "team santino" facebook group.

I feel like how i did when crash won best picture.


Anonymous said...

I heart your re-caps like no other but there is a slight mistake in this one. Under the pic of DANIEL and Chloe it reads: "Left on the runway, Chloe and Nick hug each other in a very Miss America way." This may have been a freudian slip b/c I am sure Nick would have "made it work" if he had been in the final 3.

icyspook said...

thanks for getting the recap up quick! i was gonna make the same comment as anon#2.. but well, thats been done.

Joe John said...

You didn't even MENTION when Debra Messing cutely said, "I know who I picked!" That was my favorite part.

tiff said...

i thank you for your recaps, and i thank for your mother, and your mothers mother.

screencapRecaps are the best!

I'm just going to miss Heidi so much. Everything is so "matchy match matchy!"

mell said...

When did Heidi become so quotable!? Season one it was just "In fashion, you are either in or you're out." This season Heidi has not only wormed her pregnant self into our hearts, but also our lexicon! "They went like bagels" "How would I know, I'm German." "matchy matchy matchy" "I didn't mind the shiny". My cousin and I even say "sixteen designers!" in a Heidi accent because it is quite fun.

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