13 March 2006

drama in bad rapper land: ma$e vs. fabolous

"I will cut you...and then I'll go to church."

So apparently Fabolous and Ma$e think they're big enough to talk shit. Every rapper thinks they're big enough to start a fight these days when, in reality, they are microscopic to classic hip-hop battles of the past (Tupac vs. Biggie, Jay-Z vs. Nas, Lil Kim vs. Foxy Brown).

To cut to the chase, Fabolous ("Holla Back", "Can't Deny It", "Can't Let You Go") is responding to a line Mase ("Feel So Good", "Breathe, Stretch, Shake") spit on a recent G-Unit mixtape which states, "I don't know why Loon and Fabby won't just say I'm they daddy" (from the song "I Don't Know, Officer"). He's giving in to the taunting, starting a fight.

Well, even wikipedia recognizes that Fabby-O has a similar flow to the good ol M-A-(dollar sign)-E...and Loon would have been nothing without Mase, given his involvement in Mase's long-gone rap group flop Harlem World. But let's not say we have a winner quite yet...Fabby-O makes a pretty good point on mtv.com. Mase had apparently approached Fab in Philadelphia and said that he appreciated him as an artist. After his diss, Fab responds...

"For you [Mase] to say that to me and the next time I hear you on record, [you're dissing me], I feel dude is confused. If you're not really a killer but you running with a bunch of dudes that say they're killers, I guess you're gonna talk like you a killer too, even if it's not believable. I think [Mase] got caught up in trying to act like the people he's around. 50 Cent and them is known for taking jabs and saying wild, reckless stuff. I guess he felt he had to jump in those shoes too. I just had to answer to it."

And Fabolous has a point too. Mase went from misogynistic, violent lyrics to preaching the gospel...then back to where he started. Does he even know who he is? Why'd he have to go and make things so complicated? The mystery of Mase remains...Man of God or Man of War?

Can't my car look better than yours?,
Joe John

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tiff said...

a) I love that this is what rap battles have come to.

b) I love that it involves Ma$e, my favorite rapper only because he raps slow enough I can understand the words.

c) I love you for blogging this in detail.