26 March 2006

cute time

I've posted about this before, but my 8 year-old cousin Kimberly was diagnosed with a rare soft-tissue cancer known as Alveolar Rhabdmomyosarcoma, which is NOT the cute part about this post.

Recently, she was interviewed by the peeps over at Make a Wish and they asked her what's the one thing she'd really like...

Making a Wish
"I'd really like for Nick and Jessica to get back together."

The woman interviewing her said that this was nice and all, but insisted that her wish be a bit more personal (aka "You are a child. Be more selfish!"). She replied, "I've always wanted a pig..."

I am so glad we're related. If you'd like to help make Kim's dreams happen, head over to her benefit website. OR you can buy a bracelet from me! If you'd REALLY like to make Kim's dreams happen and save the world from a terrible solo effort by Nick Lachey...PLEASE get Nick and Jessica back together!

Ten thousand lifetimes together,
Joe John

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