24 March 2006

boy band sexin: nu ma nu ma iei

Remember last year around this time when you were dancing on tables singing made-up lyrics about razorblades and Jesse to a Romanian boy-band hit?

Remember watching the video and thinking that it was literally the most homosexual thing in the world?

Well, popbitch has got a bit of news about our good friends from O-Zone.And it's gayer than the music video.

Not only do they love it up the butt, but they're a bit kinky too. Arsenie Todiras (aka Arsenium) is a slave 4 u...literally. He wants to be tied up and spanked...the works. But it's okay! He's not a slut! He's just lonely! ("I like to be around people, on myself I tend to feel a little lonely sometimes."- ArseniCUM)

If that wasn't gay enough for you, guess who his "master" is?

If you guessed Dan Balan, the writer of "Dragostea Din Tei", then you guessed right! I told you they weren't "just European"! Surprisingly, the third member, Radu Sarbu, is supposedly straight.

"Radu is married to his sweetheart, Ana; together they have a daughter named Anastatia Dalia."

...But I wouldn't be surprised if he went off for a few Ennis del Mar-esque "fishing trips"....and he doesn't go there to fish. He goes to get Jack Nasty.

O-ZONE- Dragostea din Tei
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I sent you a beep and I'm brave,
Joe John

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