06 March 2006

being a pimp is really fraught with difficulties that non-pimps seem unable to understand

It seems that hip-hop cannot be stopped. The gear of Grandmaster Flash will be chillin' in the National Museum of American History. "Hard Out Here For a Pimp" won an Oscar. And now, Natalie Portman is rapping on SNL. Unforch, the Natalie video got taken off of youtube because of copyright infringement, but luckily our lovely friends at shitparade copped that shit gangsta style. Go check it out and laugh for hours.

Also: Dolly Parton- Travelin' Thru (video)
Also: Download an MP3 of "Hard Out Here For a Pimp"

Bustin' in mouths like Gushers,
Joe John

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Andrea said...

Peep that ish at my ish, ish.