31 March 2006

totesumbrellas march mixtape 2: out like a lamb

They also say that March goes out like a lamb, and this week showed no signs of proving that theory wrong. Flip flops! Short sleeves! Short shorts! Here at Wes, Foss Hill was jumpin' jumpin'.

With new weather comes a new type of music. The kind of music that enables you to lie out on the grass, look up at the sky, and point out the clouds that look like animals or former vice-presidents. The kind of music that makes you happy, even if the lyrics are sometimes sad. The kind of music made for Andrae, our little lamb.
  1. EL PERRO DEL MAR- It's All Good: "It's all good, take a new road and never look back". Even if you're feeling down, this song can't help but make you feel better. It's like a lullaby of reassurance. Didn't get that job? It's all good. Stressed about the thesis? It's all good. Got fired? It's all good...or at least El Perro del Mar can make you think that it is for 3 minutes and 36 seconds. (BUY Look! It's El Perro del Mar)
  2. JUNIOR SENIOR- No No No's: This isn't the Junior Senior that you used to know. Okay, actually it is...but it sounds radically different from "Move Your Feet". This song is very lazy. It almost has a little bit of country flavor. I know, I know. You like everything except country. Damnit! (BUY Hey Hey My My Yo Yo)
  3. MAMA CASS ELLIOTT- Make Your Own Kind of Music: One time, Katey was Mama Cass and she ate a sandwich. This song is even better than that. (BUY The Best of Mama Cass)
  4. NICE AND SMOOTH- Sometimes I Rhyme Slow: The token ol' school hip-hop jam. I'd say that I remember the first time I heard this song, but all I remember is the first time I heard another rapper steal the chorus of it. Even with the inclusion of a cocaine addiction, "Sometimes I Rhyme Slow" still manages to make me feel relaxed. Perhaps it's catharsis or some junk. (BUY Ain't A Damn Thing Changed)
  5. THE BOY LEAST LIKELY TO- I'm Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon to Your Star: It's cutesy. It's catchy. It tells a little story of never quite making it but being happy either way. Aww. (BUY Best Party Ever)
  6. I'M FROM BARCELONA- Treehouse: This song is an anthem of a secret location where you can take a special friend and retreat from the troubles of your life. Let's go to the treehouse! (VISIT website)
  7. RARE ESSENCE- Pieces of Me: Admit it. You kind of like Ashlee Simpson's "Pieces of Me"...just a little. If not, you'd probably like it if a Washington D.C. "Funk/Go-Go" band performed it. Also, the singer on this track is vocally 100 times better than Assless Simpson. (BUY The Greatest Hits Vol. 1)
  8. COMPASS- I'm Already Dead: Sure, this song comes from an album called Munchy the Bear, but it's legit. The delivery of the lyrics sounds as if the singer is chewing and then suddenly opens his mouth and lets all the words fall out. I know that doesn't make much sense or sound too appealing, but if you add instruments to it then the final product is actually quite pleasant. (BUY Munchy the Bear at website)
  9. Q AND NOT U- Soft Pyramids: A good amount of you may already know this song, but I couldn't deny it's inclusion in this playlist. (BUY Different Damage)
  10. THE JACKSON 5- The Love You Save: The token ol' school jam. With spring fever on the rise, remember kids--- "Stop! The love you save may be your own. Darling take it slow, or some day you'll be all alone." I never fully understood the complexity of the Jackson 5. I think these lyrics mean that you should wear a condom or some junk. (BUY The Ultimate Collection)
  11. ACID HOUSE KINGS- This Heart is a Stone: I hesitated to put this song on the mixtape, because I can't tell whether it's hopeless or hopeful. We'll just pretend it's a kind of happy song. (BUY Sing Along with Acid House Kings)
  12. THE WALKMEN- Louisiana: New Walkmen. I don't think I really need any reason to include this song. I probably would have bullshitted one even if it didn't fit the theme. The horn section makes me feel nice inside. (PRE-ORDER Hundred Miles Off)
  13. NINA SIMONE- Feeling Good: This one is for Tom. (BUY The Very Best of Nina Simone)
  14. OH NO! OH MY!- Skip the Foreplay: I thought this song was a perfect ending to this mix, and paired with "It's All Good" it makes quite a frame for the lamb-like playlist. This song is actually kind of sad too. But that's okay. You should be prepared for the April showers. (BUY at website)
Enjoy the warmth! Enjoy your life! Enjoy the 2 hours and 44 minutes left of March.

Sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick,
Joe John

march madness: bishop allen sings about months

Recently I've been out of the internet music loop. What? New Morrissey? What? I'm supposed to do a post about the new Prince album?

I could lie and pretend that I was getting this news about Bishop Allen from somewhere besides YANP, but that'd just be a huge ass lie. I'm not that original. Here's some news about the months EP project....

The new Bishop Allen March EP track "Monitor" dropped on The Space. The EP is not currently for sale yet, but it should be up on their website soon.
If you're in New York tonight, see Bishop Allen playing at Piano's (158 Ludlow St) at 11PM. If you miss that show, don't sweat it! There's another show on April 28th. But if you're in NYC, I don't recommend missing this show.

In March on a windy day, we can stay inside,
Joe John

29 March 2006

totes an interview: pink nasty

Pink Nasty will blow your mind. If you haven't heard her yet, you should be ashamed of yourself. Living in Austin Texas, Ms. Nasty has worked with her brother Black Nasty (NSFW) on his overly offensive AIDS Can't Stop Me album, as well as The Kevins' debut. At SXSW, she managed to play a show with Jose Gonzalez and Annie. She's covered both Electric Light Orchestra and Usher, and her sound has been compared to the solo work of Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley. Might I add...she's sort of hilarious.

admit it...you'd hit that...

Listen to some songs:
PINK NASTY- What the Fuck
PINK NASTY- I Don't Know
PINK NASTY- Burn (Usher cover)

(BUY Mule School, LISTEN to more at website or myspace)

Ms. Nasty and I exchanged a few words about Kansas, Usher, SXSW, unfamiliar ears, and Elijah Wood. Oh yeah...we talked about her music too.
JOE JOHN: Where did the name "Pink Nasty" come from?

PINK NASTY: I was color coded accordingly by my brother Black Nasty. Plus, I look like a pig. And pigs are pink and they roll in doody and thats nasty.

JJ: If you had to describe yourself with five adjectives/words, what would they be?

i'm just glad i don't have to do that!

JJ: How would you describe your music to the unfamiliar ear?

PN: Neo neurotic female pop rock. I'm intrigued by the idea of unfamiliar ears.

JJ: Which 5 of the songs from your first album are the ones you like?

PN: Snake, Trenchcoat Blues, What the Motherfuck, Nashville Pines, Six Feet Deep in Love. Those were all recorded in KANSAS but the half of the record I didn't like was recorded in Bismarck, North Dakota in a studio that specialized in making Native American records. So there were all these pretty feathers on the floor and that fucking distracted me!

JJ: Could you tell us more about your upcoming T.F.B. album "Mold the Gold"? Is there a particular song that you are very proud of?

PN: Mold the Gold is the shit. I remember the liner notes of Tevin Campbell's I'm Ready LP where he says his album is the shit and that stayed with me and I feel like Tevin right now. I believe if it isn't the Thriller of the indie pop singer songwriter set, then it will certainly be the I'm Ready. I like all the songs but there are only 12...cheaper by the dozen mentality--you wouldn't ask Steve Martin which kid he liked best! He looks like a pig too. With white hair.

JJ: So your brother is known as "Black Nasty". What's his deal? How does he influence your music?

PN: He's a misogynist. He helps me write the songs. He produced the album.

JJ: You covered "Burn". What are your feelings about Usher?

PN: Usher, I hear, drinks 2 gallons of water a day...so I mostly think of him pissing.

JJ: Are "The Kevins" really named Kevin? Are EITHER of them named Kevin?

PN: No, but before the KEVINS album tanked they were looking into changing their names from Ted and Jon to Kevin and Kevin.

JJ: If given the opportunity to make out with anyone on the planet, who would it be?

What do you look like? Questions about me turn me on.

JJ: How did the SXSW performance go for you?

It was ok. I hear the sound was over amplified, and that makes me pretty pissed cuz that was my big shot. Haha. I hear Elijah Wood was there and he's the one person on the planet I wanna make out with.

JJ: What's the best compliment you've received as a musician (or in general)?

I'm more interested in compliments on my physical appearance.

JJ: Are there any new artists out there that you think we should be listening to?

Me, Black Nasty, The Kevins. I am very family oriented. Oh and The Danny Pound Band. and um...Wings?

JJ: Have you ever received any interesting/creepy fan-mail?

PN: No. Well, one time someone bought two copies of my album and i was like WHAT?!!?!?

JJ: Anything else you want to say to fans/listeners?

PN: don't eat pork.
Seriously, Mold the Gold is going to be the shit. Get Mule School before it comes out...so you can be cooler than your friends! Also, you should own the album of anyone who name-drops Tevin Campbell, Steve Martin, and Elijah Wood all in the same interview.

You can't keep your eyes open when you sneeze,
Joe John

pepsi blue: part two

This is as epic as the first time I heard you can mix and match your own M&Ms! So apparently a crazy company called Ipifini has developed the technology to make your own customized soda. You can choose from a variety of flavors, colors, fragrances, and even doses of caffeine. In a sense, you can create your own "designer" soda.

In 3rd grade I wrote an essay about the year 2000. I said that classes would be taught by robots instead of teachers. I think my teacher was sad about my essay because she thought I was saying she wasn't as cool as a robot. What's my point? The future is so weird.

I wish my professor was a robot!,
Joe John

27 March 2006

bring it (the remix): happy birthday to us

I don't even know these children.

Twas a year ago that Katie registered this spot of the blogging sort. She graced these sweet, digital pages with their first entry. We've come a long way since then, but it is needless to say that we STILL cannot be stopped.

-The <3

26 March 2006

she's not a girl...but I would probably say she's a woman by now

There are no words.
Monument to Pro-Life: The Birth of Sean Preston
(courtesy of missing blogger, Katie B. Tomorrow is our anniversary.)

BRITNEY SPEARS- Get It? Go! (DFA demo)

From the bottom of my broken heart,
Joe John

cute time

I've posted about this before, but my 8 year-old cousin Kimberly was diagnosed with a rare soft-tissue cancer known as Alveolar Rhabdmomyosarcoma, which is NOT the cute part about this post.

Recently, she was interviewed by the peeps over at Make a Wish and they asked her what's the one thing she'd really like...

Making a Wish
"I'd really like for Nick and Jessica to get back together."

The woman interviewing her said that this was nice and all, but insisted that her wish be a bit more personal (aka "You are a child. Be more selfish!"). She replied, "I've always wanted a pig..."

I am so glad we're related. If you'd like to help make Kim's dreams happen, head over to her benefit website. OR you can buy a bracelet from me! If you'd REALLY like to make Kim's dreams happen and save the world from a terrible solo effort by Nick Lachey...PLEASE get Nick and Jessica back together!

Ten thousand lifetimes together,
Joe John

i don't know how...

But somehow we got linked off of Elyse Sewell's livejournal. I think we may have to thank Cee-Lo for it. I'm assuming it was in the (unreadable) comments? Either way, I'm honored.

How? HOW are you so hot?

Elyse is HUGE in Hong Kong, but you may know her as the "Third to Next" top model of Cycle 1 of America's Next Top Model. Either way, I'd love to know that she is downloading Gnarls Barkley mash-ups from our blog.

Beauty and the Biz,
Joe John

25 March 2006

who's afraid of the big bad lez?

Recently we were confronted with an interview with Zulema Griffin of Project Runway 2. She mentioned that she was married to an editor. The reporter immediately followed up with a question about her husband. Her reply was something along the lines of, "You mean, my wife?" She claimed to have mentioned her wife several times on the show, saying that the producers only showed you what they wanted you to see.

Months ago, rumors that ANTM runner-up Nik Pace is a lesbian sprung up all over the net. Later, Lisa D'Amato (of the same cycle) confirmed these rumors. Apparently Nik didn't want to be judged on that criteria, but it surely explains that time when her and Kim got all flustered over one of the special guests (NOTE: was that Jenny Shimizu or Eva Pigford?) It'd also explain why she would be so into posing for this recent photoshoot.

Who's afraid of the big bad lez(lie)? Now it appears that Leslie Mancia of Cycle 6 of ANTM is bisexual. While the source is a little shady (her MySpace profile), it seems as if it's legit. Her profile has comments going back as far as December, long before it was announced that she would be on ANTM. The profile also includes several personal pictures including one which has the caption "Me and my lil hottie Brittany".

Leslie gets hot with Brittany.

But could it all be a front? Ebony Taylor of Cycle 5 lists on her profile that she is 14 years old and once said that she was gay, two things that we know are not true. And on top of that, fans are known to steal pictures from other sources and create fake profiles on such networking sites (just try looking up Lindsay Lohan on facebook). In any case, I choose to believe it is true...And now I'm wondering why it hasn't yet been mentioned on the show.

Reality television is known for its love of bitchy/flaming gay men...but where's the love for the lezzies? Sure...I recognize that they're there on the shows, and the prized curious girl who makes out with them has become a reality TV cliche...but why is it that producers and contestants want to hide their identity so often? We know the stereotype of gay men in fashion, but wouldn't it have been nice to know that Zulema was breaking butch lesbian stereotypes by pursuing a career in fashion design? Wouldn't it be nice to know that two homosexuals (Kim and Nik) could exist on the same show without locking lips?

Yes. Yes it would be nice. But I guess they just don't think it would be.

Girls, Girls, Girls,
Joe John

i remember when i lost my mind: contemplating gnarls barkley and their logo

I knew I'd kick myself if I didn't make this post soon. Last year (in Wesleyan history), we were hearing news that Cee-Lo Green (the soul machine) would be popping into Wesleyan for a visit at Spring Fling. At the same time, several of us were bumping DJ Dangermouse's Grey Album on the pod.

Now the two worlds have collided...in the most hilarious way ever.
(VISIT website, BUY the album May 2nd)
GNARLS BARKLEY- Crazy (mc DJ remix)
(VISIT mc DJ's blog)
TEAM 9- Gnarls Barkley/Prince Mash-up
(MP3 courtesy of Between thought and expression)

But okay, despite the late US release date...the songs are sort of old news. Blogs have been posting these songs as early as October. SO...I have another observation to make.

Does this look familiar?
If you go to Wesleyan and happen to have eyes, you may have seen a similar image spraypainted on buildings and sidewalks across the campus. I cannot date how early they appeared, but I find this too strange of a coincidence. What's the story behind them? Did Cee-Lo tag up our campus during Spring Fling? Do we have a secret member of the Gnarls Barkley street team lurking on our campus, attempting to subconsciously familiarize us with this logo? Is Cee-Lo secretly lurking on campus?...Or is the image of a gun shooting out hearts just kind of cliche, making this a simple coincidence? DOES ANYBODY KNOW?!?!? WILL WE EVER KNOW?!?!?

I am a humble trumpet,
Joe John

24 March 2006

respect fantasia

Contrary to popular belief, the third winner of American Idol, Fantasia Barrino, didn't do poorly on the charts with her first album Free Yourself. The album went platinum, selling 1.6 million, but it is rumored to have gone double platinum. While this is nowhere near the 2.4 million copies that Kelly Clarkson pushed out with her first album Thankful, the album gained her four Grammy nominations...three more nominations than Clarkson's debut album.

What am I trying to tell you? That this illiterate chick from the south should gain more recognition? Well, yes...that's exactly what I'm trying to tell you. You could call it a guilty pleasure, but I'm not embarassed...I love the music of good ol' 'Tasia. I'm not saying she's better than Ms. Clarkson, but she deserves the same type of respect we give the "Since U Been Gone" goddess.

In the greated scheme of things, I'm trying to tell you that this isn't the last you've heard of Fantasia. Unlike season two winner, Ruben Studdard (who was overshadowed by the success of Gay Aiken), she won't fade into obscurity. She may not have won either of those four Grammies, but neither did Kelly. Now, Kelly won TWO Grammy wins and apparently is...er...really big in Indonesia, popping out four number one singles in a row over there. Clarkson may also be popping out a sixth (seventh if you count "Gone") single ("Addicted") and a new album later this year. And where did all this success come from? A second album.

While several of the songs didn't make it onto the charts or have videos, Fantasia released six singles from her first album. She's received rave reviews from everyone from Elton John to Ghostface Killah. She's toured with Kanye West...and she appeared on an episode of The Simpsons. She's even released a book despite being illiterate.

And you know what? She's learning to read! Now she can read to her daughter, read contracts, and maybe even read this blog. That's progress...the girl is moving on up in the world. Rumor has it, she is also pursuing her GED.

Though she lost out to Jennifer Hudson for a role in Dreamgirls, in July 2006 we'll get our first peek at Fantasia's acting ability with an autobiographical Lifetime original movie...which can't wind up being worst than (or as amazing as) From Justin to Kelly. And her next album is set to be released this year...She'll be working once more with Missy Elliott as well as singer/songwriter Ne-Yo, who wrote Mario's "Let Me Love You". Fantasia also plans to write some of her own music and is hoping to experiment with new genres, such as country and rock. Maybe, just maybe...her second album will allow her to shine, just as it did for Kelly.

I guarantee that Fantasia isn't just another reality television reject from this glorified karaoke-fest. Her genuine, energetic performances and big, soulful voice will take her to a much better place than that. And if she doesn't make it, she will always have her "Bobo" and can't nobody take that away from her.

boy band sexin: nu ma nu ma iei

Remember last year around this time when you were dancing on tables singing made-up lyrics about razorblades and Jesse to a Romanian boy-band hit?

Remember watching the video and thinking that it was literally the most homosexual thing in the world?

Well, popbitch has got a bit of news about our good friends from O-Zone.And it's gayer than the music video.

Not only do they love it up the butt, but they're a bit kinky too. Arsenie Todiras (aka Arsenium) is a slave 4 u...literally. He wants to be tied up and spanked...the works. But it's okay! He's not a slut! He's just lonely! ("I like to be around people, on myself I tend to feel a little lonely sometimes."- ArseniCUM)

If that wasn't gay enough for you, guess who his "master" is?

If you guessed Dan Balan, the writer of "Dragostea Din Tei", then you guessed right! I told you they weren't "just European"! Surprisingly, the third member, Radu Sarbu, is supposedly straight.

"Radu is married to his sweetheart, Ana; together they have a daughter named Anastatia Dalia."

...But I wouldn't be surprised if he went off for a few Ennis del Mar-esque "fishing trips"....and he doesn't go there to fish. He goes to get Jack Nasty.

O-ZONE- Dragostea din Tei
(or BUY Discozone)

I sent you a beep and I'm brave,
Joe John

that smells so raven!

It seems that the doors to the perfume bizzz have been swung violently open, and now even D-list (I'm being generous here) celebrities can have their own fragrance:

And supposedly it smells good

But, you know, this whole thing has gotten me thinking that if Raven can do it, and Britney can do it 3 times why can't I? That's why I've developed Shadow, a fragrance for men with a sweaty base and notes of rubber, lycra, and shrimp. Look for it to drop Fall 2006.

Smells like Teen Spirit,

totes an interview: steven hawley of codebreaker

Codebreaker proved my theory wrong that the only good things coming out of Wisconsin are cheese and...er...cheese hats? (no offense cheeseheads, I've never actually been to Wisconsin...but I did see a bunch of WI kids in cheese hats chanting "Moo-Ha" at a student council conference.) Apparently, somewhere under all this cheese and misunderstanding....there is delicious dance music that will "make you wet where it counts".

The group has shared a stage with a variety of musical artists, including Har Mar Superstar, Hot Chip, Electric 6, VHS or Beta, and Phoenix. On top of that, they've made quite an impact on college radio with their previous releases and received rave reviews from several blogs...

"Ambitiously eclectic, exotic, purposeful, wildly individualistic, all the while carrying addictive future-funk ridden charm."- Take Your Medicine

"Modern electro-funk so endlessly danceable even Chromeo must be jealous."- The Prettiest Pony

"It’s like one of those cheesy radio stations that promises the best of the 70s, 80s and 90s, but unlike those radio stations Codebreaker really delivers. In a good way."- Bigstereo

"It sounds like the funky child of the Brooklyn dance rock movement, and yet manages to somehow imply certain elements of big midwestern drama rock, like fun crowd call vocals, foward rolling guitar lines, and britpop arrogance."- Palms Out Sounds

"I discovered this song on a mix sent to my sister by Marlboro cigarettes and became obsessed with it for most of my frosh year at Wes. At least smoking is good for something..."- Me

And if that's not enough to convince you of their fabulosity, maybe these songs will help...

CODEBREAKER- Beat Electrique
(BUY What Is This Earth Love?)

Now to the interview...
JOE JOHN: How would you describe your sound to the unfamiliar ear? Who are your biggest influences?

STEVEN: Sorry, I'm never good with the 'decribe your sound' question, as I'll inevitably end up sounding like a pretentious asshole.

As for our influences, Nile Rogers, Francoise Hardy, Twilight 22, The Clash, King Tubby, Scott Walker, Casino Vs Japan, Moroder, The Beach Boys, Depeche Mode, J Todd, Antenna, The Ventures, Kraftwerk, Bobby Womack, Rolling Stones, Francis Lai, Mcneal & Niles, Chic, Hasshim, Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force, The Buzzcocks, Dr Dre, New Order, Annie, Kurtis Blow, Vanity 6, Man Parrish for starters.

JOE JOHN: Hmm, there's always one artist on these "influences" lists that bands give that completely surprises me or throws me off. Dr. Dre?

Dre? Yeah sure, I mean his production sense is great & the way he revved up those old David Axelrod compositions and crossed them with his attitude was a really effective combo...

JOE JOHN: How has your music evolved in these past years? Where do you see
yourselves headed in the future?

STEVEN: Eclectic yet cohesive i'd say. I didn't spend the mid/late 90's really following the Alternative music of it's day...I never really felt a real affinity torwards that stuff. I spent those years lost in a multitude of genres, from all different decades before & tried my best to understand what and why I thought those songs were great.

As for the future, new ideas, new material always. I'm a lifer. Like I've said before, sonically, it's all a wide open canvas of possibility from where I see it, I don't subscribe to the 'it's all been done' attitude, it just means you're a bore really.

JOE JOHN: Coming from Wisconsin, is your fan-base mostly local?

STEVEN: No, it runs in little pockets all over the globe. Though our core fanbase here is really supportive.

JOE JOHN: What was the best show you've ever played? You've shared the stage with a diverse group of acts. Who was the most fun to do a show with?

STEVEN: I dunno, playing with Outhud & Radio 4 were definitly good times. My favorite show had to have been the Halloween before last. We were headlining, the club was packed with hundreds of people in costume. The place went fucking bezerk! Stage diving Gorillas, sweaty Magnum PIs, dancing french maids, Munsters keepin' it real, a Stay Puff Marshmellow
Man singing along, playboy bunnies doin they're thing, everyone just sweating & getting down.

JOE JOHN: Other than stage-diving gorillas, what's your wackiest memory as a band?

STEVEN: Happy hour, Chi Chi's, silly straws, & a jalapeno popper buffet.

JOE JOHN: Haha, care to elaborate?


JOE JOHN: Fair enough...How'd you wind up on the Discovery Channel? How'd you get involved in the "Calling All Bands" contest?

STEVEN: That's not too exicting really. They were looking for new music and I sent some and they liked it alot, and ended up using like 6-7 songs for "Urban Explorers."

As far as the "Calling All Bands" thing...a friend of mine emailed me the link to the contest on MySpace and I figured, hey "Saturn Life" would make a fab fucking ringtone!

Now go vote!

JOE JOHN: What were your proudest moments as musicians? What's the
best compliment you've ever received as a band or individual?

STEVEN: Proudest? I don't know, I never think too much in specific landmark moments.

I take comfort & inspiration in everyday things & just people telling me how much they are digging on our stuff or whatever. This one guy in Italy wrote me the other day telling me that he and his friends have been riding around, listening to our latest record, while going from spot to spot every night. He says, it's their perfect soundtrack right now...stuff like that.

JOE JOHN: Speaking of compliments, a MySpace fan wrote, "oh my oh my oh my...your music makes me hot and wet where it counts ;)...seriously i can't stop dancing around my room (naked) singing your songs into my hairbrush. YOU guys are fucking sex!!!!!...sexy bitches!!!!" On that note, have you ever received any creepy or hilarious fanmail? Any stalkers?

STEVEN: I used to receive annoynomous emails telling me where they saw me the night before & say shit like.... "Hey did you enjoy your sushi the other night? Your date looked skanky!" Then a few days would go by then another email, "hey so what were you reading at such & such coffee shop, do you always wear shorts in the day?" etc...yikes! Some of the other stuff isn't as hilarious as it is endearingly sexually charged.

JOE JOHN: Are there any celebs who make you wet where it counts? Who would you be most likely to stalk?

STEVEN: Yes, Scarlett Johansson, He-Man, & Elisha Cuthbert, that is until I saw
her on Conan & someone told me that she had her own NHL blog.

JOE JOHN: Are there any new artists out there that you think we should be
> listening to? What's making YOU dance?

STEVEN: There's this guy Jason Todd, who did a remix for us on our last album, you're gonna here ALOT more about this guy real soon. He is such a huge bundle of talent. Also, my guy Casino Vs Japan makes some brilliant mellow music. For more modernish dancing music I'd say 12th Floor, Reinhard Voigt, Lindstrom, and i'm usually game for some uber cheesy dutch club pop.

JOE JOHN: If you were to go on a secret agent mission, which of your songs would be your theme?

STEVEN: Beat Electrique!

JOE JOHN: I was sort of hoping for that answer...Just for fun, Who should have won season 2 of Project Runway?

STEVEN: Ya know I never followed season 2. I did however watch the entire season 1 in just one Sunday afternoon though. That self righteous, plus sized model christian bitch was a real burn up.

JOE JOHN: Anything else you'd like to say to fans and listeners? Final words?

STEVEN: Expect a follow up EP within the year. Thanks for all the kind words and support we've been getting from the underground, it means alot! Keep on keepin on.

Can't get enough? Check out Codebreaker on iTunes. If that wasn't enough, hear their song "Sabrina" as the theme to children's movie The Adventures of Megabyte Man...or, er...friend them on MySpace.

Gone like "Gone Daddy Gone",
Joe John

you've got a nerve to be listening to this song: louisiana

A Hundred Miles Off, the new album by The Walkmen, doesn't come out until May 23. Word on the street (or word out of frontman Hamilton Leithauser's mouth) is that the album is "much more solid than the last record". Here is the tracklisting and an mp3 of the opening track. I'm quite fond of "Louisiana"...I don't know why.
  1. Louisiana...(The opening track, "Louisiana" is described by Leithauser as "light and fun sounding. We added a trumpet line, and it has a very Dylan 'Basement Tapes'-era feel to it. But it's a nod, not a ripoff.- billboard.com)
  2. Danny's at the Wedding
  3. Good for You's Good for Me
  4. Emma, Get Me a Lemon
  5. All Hands and the Cook
  6. Lost in Boston
  7. Don't Get Me Down (Come on Over Here)
  8. This Job Is Killing Me
  9. Tenley Town
  10. Brandy Alexander
  11. Always After You ('Til You Started After Me)
  12. Another One Goes By
If you are unfamiliar with The Walkmen, here are three other songs for you to better familiarize yourself...
THE WALKMEN- We've Been Had
(BUY Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone, BUY Bows + Arrows)

I'm pounding on your door,
Joe John

23 March 2006

reality television star sighting: nick verreos of project runway

So this is the first sighting someone sent to me...except for Max telling me about his mother. If you have anything you'd like to share, please let me know!

"I saw Nick in LA last week: We had just come from a party in the
Hollywood Hills that was literally swarming with Gay Reality TV
Rejects (Dan Renzi, Norm Korpi, Marcello, even the gay who was Adam
Corolla's assistant on the "Adam Corolla Project" (now that's
obscure, even for me). We were at a bar on Santa Monica, in the
outside party when NICK walked by flanked by two men. I alerted my
friend Jonno, who literally said, "I LOVE YOU!" and his knees
buckled. He sort of scurried away nervously and I screamed out the
best thing I could think of: "Heck YEAH you're going to win this."

He walked faster."

Cutting bitches since 1985,
Joe John

snakes in the news

LOS ANGELES, California (Hollywood Reporter) -- As film back-stories go, this one is fairly serpentine.

The Samuel L. Jackson thriller "Snakes on a Plane," which wrapped last September in Vancouver, went back before the cameras this month for five days of additional shooting in Los Angeles.

In this case, it wasn't the usual reshoot, hastily assembled to fix a nagging story problem. Instead, distributor New Line Cinema decided to create new scenes that would take the movie from PG-13 into R-rated territory.

The second round of filming also came about because of intense and growing fan interest in the movie, which is not scheduled to be released until August 18.

Jackson stars as an FBI agent who has to fight a planeload of snakes unleashed by an assassin bent on killing a witness in protective custody. Sight unseen, the movie has grown from something of a joke into a phenomenon slithering untamed throughout the Internet.

As a movie whose fan base has grown spontaneously and organically, "Snakes" is relatively rare. (See the movie's logo on EW.com.)

Intense fan reaction to movies most often is associated with titles that have established themselves in other media, such as comic book movies or fantasy novels, before making their way to the screen. Or it becomes attached to surprise hits, like the original "Star Wars," that develop massive cult followings once they are released.

But original movies that develop a big prerelease following are uncommon. Artisan Entertainment pulled off that trick in 1999 with its viral Internet campaign for "The Blair Witch Project," but that success has not been easily duplicated.

"Snakes," directed by David R. Ellis from an original script by John Heffernan (with rewrites by four scribes), barely has an official Web site at the moment. But the movie already is the talk of a certain segment of the Net without any real prodding on the part of New Line.

It all started with the provocative and buzzworthy, if also reductive, title. New Line picked up the script after Paramount put it on the backburner in March 2003 -- in the wake of September 11, terror-on-a-plane movies had fallen out of favor. And even within New Line, there were skeptics who viewed "Snakes on a Plane" as nothing but a simple programmer with a "stupid title."

After Jackson came on board, the title was upgraded to the more generic "Pacific Air Flight 121." The studio said it was a temporary moniker being used for "casting purposes." Executives were searching for something that was more thriller-like and less campy. According to sources, Jackson's camp also was in favor of a title change.

"Who wants to be in a movie called 'Snakes on a Plane'?" asked one talent agent at the time, seeming to echo the studio's concerns.

But once production began, a funny thing happened. Movie fans began noticing the black sheep of the New Line slate. They seized upon the title and created fan sites, blogs, T-shirts, poems, fiction and songs. The title itself, sometimes abbreviated as "SoaP," has emerged as Internet-speak for fatalistic sentiments that range from c'est la vie to "s--- happens."

"The title is so clear and so straightforward," said Brian Finkelstein, a Washington, D.C., native who created the blog http://www.Snakesonablog.com and who hopes to score tickets to the movie's premiere. "You know exactly what you're going to get."

Like Harry Potter, whose first suggestion that he's got magic on his hands comes when he discovers he can talk to snakes in their language, New Line got the message. Deciding that so many anonymous fans couldn't be wrong, the studio decided to revert to the movie's original title.

Jackson publicly endorsed the move. "That's the only reason I took the job: I read the title," Jackson told entertainment site Collider. He added, "You either want to see that, or you don't."

New Line executives, concerned that it is too early to discuss the movie, declined comment. But sources now insist the studio never abandoned the "Snakes" title in the first place and that "Pacific Air" was just an internal working title.

In any event, "Snakes"-ophiles already were hard at work. Chris Rohan of Bethesda, Maryland, created an elaborate, R-rated audio trailer that lovingly mocks the title and movie. "It's a genius title," Rohan said. "It's so stupid it's great. It invites satire, but it's something you just love. It's something I can't explain. You either get it or you don't."

The audio bit uses a Jackson sound-alike shouting, "I want these mother------- snakes off the mother------- plane!" Soon, the growing legion of fans added their voices as they demanded that that phrase also appear in the movie.

Apparently, the studio got the hint. When Ellis assembled Jackson and others for the recent shoot, the filmmakers added more gore, more death, more nudity, more snakes and more death scenes. And they shot a scene where Jackson does utter the line that fans have demanded.

Those involved with the film said the reshoots weren't prompted by fans but rather by the existing footage that already was a hairline into R territory. Within the studio, the thinking was, "We're already going to get an R, why not go all the way?" But the filmmakers do concede that the Jackson line will be in the movie for the sake of the fans.

I am even more excited than before...

Also, check out snakes on the radio, snakes on a t-shirt, snakes on imdb, snakes on a website, snakes on an elevator, snakes in a forum, snakes in an mp3, snakes in a webcomic...any more?

Steaks on a Plane,
Joe John

antm pics: episode 4

22 March 2006

tonight on antm

The Tyra mail is in!

Two Words: gromphadorhina portentosa

Gina is going to cry, Kari's walk is going to be whack, and Danielle will fall on her ass...twice.

The girls will pose as fairytale characters...
Furonda = Rapunzel
Sara = Gretel
Kari = Goldilocks
Mollie Sue = Little Boy Blue

Get ready, because it's going to be great. Don't ask me how I know all of this. I just do...

Also, here are some spoilers...

...and guess who won a guest spot on Veronica Mars? Click here to find out.

Oh my God, we're going to Spain!,
Joe John

21 March 2006

these are a few of my favorite things: miss piggy & the wendy williams experience

While driving today I discovered the other Connecticut hip-hop station, Power 104.1 (the equivalent to New York's Power 105.1). During my time listening, I rediscovered my absolute love for Wendy Williams and her experiences. I am a friend in her head. Today she gave us juicy pop culture gossip about Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon. She also talked about how much she loves organ meat. Now, I am talking about how much I love her. I'm not sayin'. I'm just sayin'.

Watch her video podcast

Moving on...I ordered the new cheesey bites pizza from Pizza Hut. Why? Because they were made for poppin. The woman on the phone gave me a lot of crap about Fauver not having a real address. Thank heavens that Tom was there to set her straight (translation: deal with her
whackticity). Also, thanks to Tom for discovering this. Make a remix of Miss Piggy's commercial. Sitar! Reggae! Barbershop Quartet! It will change your life.

Also, Pizza Hut has recognized the recent rise in teen pregnancies, so it has decided to do its part in keeping those eggs unfertilized...by encouraging families to talk! Awwwww...Our box tonight features fun questions for kids to ask their parents, parents to ask their kids! Sample: "What embarasses you?"

I'm luxuriating here on the website,
Joe John

19 March 2006

consumer reports: all american reject's "move along" video

Recently, I went to go see She's the Man. This song played during the credits. Tom really liked it and happened to look up the video on iTunes, so I saw these glorious reviews of it.

Your kidding right? (1 star)---- 4 out of 80 listeners found this review helpful
by Rockisgoodrapsucks
What a pathetic attempt to make a sad song. They never lose their poppy sound do they? And the singer looks like a boney piece of shit. He thinks he's cool by trying to be emo when he's just a wannabe. He's also trying to be punk, which, is not working. I don't understand how anyone can like these guys. They're a freakin boy band with instruments. And they think no one gets them, uhhhhhh, how about when you're not a damn millionaire, then no one gets you, how about that? Listen, if you like this, you have problems, you're probably sitting in a god damned mansion watching your 18 foot plasma screen tv, and wondering, hey, no one gets me but my friends, parents, teachers, family and everyone else I come into contact with, so I'll listen to these guys, Ican relate to their millionaire problems, I bet they don't get their lunch from their butler on time either. You people sicken me. These guys sicken me even more.

Again Awesome Hair (5 stars)---- 6 out of 10 listeners found this review helpful
by asalik
this video left me speechless but Tyson has awesome hair

the video is hot and good (5 stars)---- 3 out of 4 listeners found this review helpful
by Zaglin

(5 stars)
by Anonymous
I dont really have a favorite song, but this is it..... its sounds so good, and once I saw the video it was even better. Didnt really care much for All American Rejects until this song

Awesome song and sad at the same time
(5 stars)
by Chease Nog
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!

im in love!
(5 stars)
by corinnneee
i could watch this all day long!! AHHH ,but the downside is i dont feel like paying 2 bucks for it soo i guess not

by Anonymous
This video is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. I love how Tyson always changes outfits. I absolutely love this song and the entire Move Along CD.

(4 stars)
by blink-183
(title of post repeated over 30 times)

B is for BEST! you dont get it do you?
(5 stars)
by Tyson's Girl
okay as you can see i love the All-American Rejects, especially Tyson. so its even better being able to see him in 100 different shirts! I must say i fell in love with this song when I first heard it.It is much worth 1.99 and I watch it just about everyday. If you dont like All-American Rejects then dont write a review for it. I must say my favorite tees of Tysons are "Save Water, Drink Beer" and "L is for Loser" LOVE THE VIDIEO, BAND, and i love the CD!!!!!!!!!! GET IT!

I LOVE THIS SONG (5 stars)
by Sharkia girl

(5 stars)
by OMG its carli!
i love this video!! i already downloaded the song before they had the video but i dont care, im buying this!! i even had it on my myspace! i like this video because the way they show tyson in all different outfits and in different situations shows that everyone goes through pain and you have to get through it by "moving along" i tunes did not pick a good picture of tyson for this video though, he is very hot but he looks kinda strange here. it does show his blue eyes though.

Best video I have seen in a while
(5 stars)
by smurd9
Wow the director for this video should receive every award there is for music videos. This video defines what all videos should look like, creative, amazing, and interesting. This video I think shows how we can not be everybody. I think everybody should own this video.

only Tyson
(2 stars)
by scait119
Why is Tyson practically the only one shown in the video? We want, or at least I want to see Mike, Chris and especially Nick more than just a few seconds. Tyson is not the only cute one in the band!

Great (5 stars)
by Half Empty
This song is like my favorite and my girlfriends favorite and my friend that loves rap likes this song too. The video is kewl.

Sweet Video
(5 stars)
by emoskater
It was awsome.
It made me want to die

Moving along like you know I do,
Joe John

17 March 2006

snakes on a plane

It's like Anaconda(s). On A Plane.

Move your body like a snake ma,

16 March 2006

g-o, exclamation mark: new go! team

THE GO! TEAM- Doing It Right (Live at SXSW 2006)
(BUY Thunder, Lightning, Strike)

This song does me right. It is so cute.

Feeling Good by Numbers,
Joe John

bringing the silliness: antm

So, to post something slightly-redundant over the photos from last night's "Top Model," I'm going to begin what will eventually become full-fledged ANTM recaps. At the moment I'm in Vermont with a huge-ass TV and digital cable available to me, but alas, no DVD recorder. So for now, we'll have to deal.

We have three episodes under our belt so far, including the always-redundant yet always-entertaining pre-show, where we see the huge gaggle of screaming girls get whittled down to the smaller gaggle of screaming girls that we already know have been chosen thanks to promotional photos, well, everywhere. And if anyone didn't know that Top Model had finally chosen its first Asian contestant, well, you may as well be dead.

As has been mentioned elsewhere Tyra and Co. aren't really messing with their formula this time around, so the episodes thus far have been pretty standard-- photoshoots! inter-house rivalry! someone's sob story! Even the eliminations were predictable a mile away-- while having a Katrina victim on the show is interesting, no one could have put up with her spontaneously bursting into tears for very long, especially since the show was shot in October. While Katrina was a fresh wound for all of us in October, let's face it, by March most of America, particularly ANTM's target audience, isn't thinking too much about New Orleans. And as for Kathy, the hillbilly who looks like half of my high school graduating class? Well, better luck next time.

As for the rest of the models, we'll do what we do best here and judge them based on exactly what the editors want us to believe, because we are the mindless sheep of UPN. And these photos are from last night's shoot, where they were intended to be ice princesses for a cover shoot. Yes, there was plenty of bitching about how cold it was.

Filling in the "house bitch" role from day one, Jade calls herself the "undiscovered supermodel" about as often as Tyra makes a stupid face. The hair you see here is probably obviously the result of the show, and she of course spent the episode bitching about that too. She also engaged in a fight over the phone that reminded me forcibly of Aneesa and Tanya's phone battle on 9/11 in The Real World: Chicago (please tell me I'm not the only one who remembers this season). At one point Mr. J pointed out that, because she already thinks she's a supermodel, she's impossible to work with. That, and that she's crazy. Something tells me the tongue-lashing Tyra gave her when she was in the bottom two on this episode will not affect her constant striving to be-- well, anything but America's Next Top Best Friend, thanks Jade.

I guess it's a good thing that on TV we get an Asian woman who speaks perfect English, doesn't play the violin and doesn't seem particularly good at math. Still, did we have to get Gina? Not only are her photographs lackluster, but she doesn't strike me as terribly interesting or smart, even by Top Model standards. Asked during their fake press conference to talk about how being an Asian woman affected her competition, she was dumbstruck, despite clearly using being Asian to get on the show. Come on, girl, being a bullshitter is a skill we all need, not just Tyra. Gina will last a little bit longer but is pretty much doomed.

I have no idea how Danielle keeps taking good photos like this one, because every time you see her speak all you can see is the ENORMOUS gap between her front teeth. Like Kathy, she also looks like every sassy black girl I went to high school with, but somehow transforms in these photos into super-hot queen bee. Mr. J told her last week she looked "regal," and Danielle openly admitted she didn't know what that meant. She and Gina may be in competition for resident idiot, but I see Danielle going way farther, unless Tyra outs her for some ridiculous "you're too short" or "you have an enormous gap between your teeth" reason, which is totally plausible on this absurd show.

Well, Joe John has picked her as the love of his life, and it's not hard to see why. Her name is Furonda, having long hair after the makeover has turned her into a diva, and she has a 10-item list of how to treat her, including "I am the best person to discuss me with." Gotta love it. Her performance in the photo shoots has been alright, but I'm just waiting for the diva attitude to come out in front of Mr. J, or for her and Jade to claw each others' eyes out. Something tells me Furonda doesn't believe in America's Next Top Best Friend either.

Brooke was actually the first person to say "I'm not here to make friends," but thus far hasn't made much of a diva-licious impression. This photo is amazing nad not really a representation of what she looks like in real life, which can only be described as "bizarre." Tyra told her "You're all wrong," but Mr. Skeevy Nigel reminded her, "But it's so right." Ew. Brooke will probably end up middle of the pack, unless photos like that continue coming.

Nnenna is so clearly the front-runner at this point-- she has won both challenges so far, and has this crazy "I left Nigeria at 14 to pursue my dream of being a model in America" story that is bait for viewers and Tyra alike. Fuck Katrina-- leaving war-torn Africa is where the serious shit is at. It seems, though, that she couldn't possibly win, because where would be the drama in that? Something about her leaves me cold, too, maybe because vanity and bitchiness are what I look for in reality show contestants to support. In any case, she's definitely going far, if not top two.

Despite what this photo may suggest, Leslie is actually a pretty bland presence on the show. I actually can't think of a single interesting thing she's done so far, and I've tended to confuse her and Wendy, though I guess now that Wendy's gotten the boot that won't be a problem anymore. I love this photo, though, just for how totally not-ANTM it is. If nothing else, girl's got a future at Maxim.

I think of her as "what Kim should have been," though I think at this point in the show last season they had made a way bigger deal of her adrogyny than they have for Mollie Sue. Seriously, though, look at her! She's got that Mia Farrow haircut and workin' it. Even though she's named Mollie Sue she doesn't seem particularly hick-y, and earned points in my book for laughing blatantly at Jade's rant about the phone. Still, we'll have to see where she goes, and based on this lackluster photo I'm not even sure I can judge where she'll wind up in the end.

This girl is an exact combination of Top Model Nicole and Alexandra from the first season of Project Runway. She's also, as Tyra called it, a walking Bratz doll, though none of these things really come out in this photo. She has a shit-ton of hair and takes great photos, so she can't really go anywhere but top six. We'll have to see if she has enough personality to match the hair.

Joanie strikes me as so generic-looking in person, but every time she takes a photo-- wow. I think she has to go far based on that gaze she has pulled off in both of her photos so far, but I just hope she shows enough personality to make putting up with her worth it.

She got the most dramatic makeover of the bunch, this crazy pseudo-mohawk that she hates but refused to cry about. I think she's kind of cool just for that, realizing that her haircut is insane but dealing with it. Tyra and Co. keep saying she looks like Scarlett Johannsen but all I can see is... Sara from last season! I'm glad that not only are we recycling characters on this show but actual people. In any case, Sara seems a touch generic, though for her sake I hope she doesn't get ousted before that hair has time to grow out.

On the next episode we can look forward to forcing pretty girls to interact with bugs, which is always hilarious. Two weeks from now I'll bring screencaps back full-force, but until then, I think you can probably draw your own snarky conclusions.

The undiscovered supermodel,