02 February 2006

you really embarassed me at red lobster

Oh goodness, oh goodness, my heart is really and truly breaking.

Goodbye, Andrae. It will truly not be the same without you.

I know I don't normally post about the loser right off, and I'm pulling out another surprise-- this isn't the recap. Yet. I'm beyond dedicated to Project Runway, but I'm also a human with a 10:30 a.m. class on the Iliad, and I need some sleep if I'm to give Achilles and Hector their proper attention. I'll post the recap sometime tomorrow afternoon, including as many Google image search photos of the Red Lobster in Times Square as I can find. For now, though, I'll leave you with this:

On Wednesdays 35D wears pink

Hold tight, loyal readers (though I'm sure maybe 5 of you will read this before the actual recap is up). In the meantime, Tim Gunn's podcast is up and running, and in it he confesses "I'm a sucker for a topiary." Hot confessions!

Verklempt like Tim Gunn,


Justin said...

This weekend we're going to Red Lobster.

mell said...

noooooooo! ugh, I hate lack of chapel hill Bravo!

Johnny Strangler said...

How surprised was he when they axed him? I mean, every time they said he was safe, he had a look of "who? me? really? get out! that's so fetch!" on his face. I think he lacks self esteem or just looks like a doofus whenever his name is called.

jeremy paul said...

Also, Time Gunn has a major obsession with the word "seduced"...