04 February 2006

when worlds collide

According to an article at sky.com, Heidi Klum is in trouble for telling a young, aspiring model she was too fat on German TV. The kicker of this, though? Heidi was a judge on "Germany's Next Top Model," which hopefully is every bit as inane as our version. This makes me hope for many things, the least of which being Heidi starting to criticize the designers for their appearances. Who better to trim the little bit of gray in Nick's beard, or Chloe and Kara's horrendous hairstyles? Even better, though, would be the major-league slapfight between Tyra and Heidi that I've been hoping for all along. As far as I can tell ANTM is premiering the night Project Runway ends, which is nice and convenient for those of us who need televised cattiness and need it now. Still, when the switch-off happens, we'll see which model diva can truly make the most well-meaning reality show contestants cry.

I will fuck a bitch up.

Oh who are we kidding. We all know that Heidi would send Michael Kors in her place, and up against MK, Tyra would never stand a chance.

Getting out the brass knuckles,


Joe John said...

it's about to be a...GIRLFIGHT!

mell said...

Last night I had a dream about Project Runway. It was kind of awesome, except Chloe had been kicked off and I was really bummed about it for whatever reason. Then I met Nick at a party and we chatted and he was really nice. We became tight and I got to be part of the 35D posse for an evening. And I'm pretty sure I got a My Scene Barbie out of it too! Clearly I'm in withdrawal. Chapel Hill, get some Bravo already!