22 February 2006

what's going on at westech?

I mentioned this in my last post, but this needs further exposure. Videos of two of Wesleyan's own Lancelot Drummonds are up on YouTube. They will blow your mind. The first is from this year's Jubilee show.

You know you want it...You know you need it.

"Good Lovin"

"Sweet Dreams"

If your immediate thought is, "DAMN, this boy needs to get himself into a studio," you are in luck. Lance has been signed to Palms Out. I seriously can not wait to hear his music recorded. His hard work is definitely not unrecognized, as he's been getting excellent feedback from other blogs too!

In other Wesleyan related news, I hear rumors of Andrew W.K. and Dipset (Cam'Ron, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, etc) at Spring Fling. Let's hope that the first part isn't true. But if we're lucky enough to have Cam come to Wesleyan...and if we're lucky enough that these rumors are true, it's possible that Mimi could make a secret appearance.

"Mariah Carey can deny it, but it sure looks like something's up between her and bad-boy rapper Cam'ron. The duo hosted a party together at the Roxy in L.A. last weekend and were spotted snuggling at Bungalow 8 a couple of weeks ago. Mimi has also been seen riding around in his blue Lamborghini and wearing a chain of Cam's crew, the Diplomats. Sure to be displeased by the developments: Mark Sudack, the record producer who's been seeing Carey, though she's loath to call him her boyfriend …"- nydailynews

Lastly, if you haven't heard already...The Books are doing a show at Eclectic! Buy tickets now, because they'll probably sell out quickly.

Cardinally Yours,
Joe John


detective lola said...

joe-john, you just fucking stepped. what the fuck? fuck you, andrew fucking w fucking k would not only bring the party, he would make sure the party STAYED here.

parties listen to andrew wk.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I, like Lola, am pro-WK. I'm f---ing sick of C-level rappers.