23 February 2006

wait! they don't love me like I love them

In current events in the existence of totesumbrellas, I have just gotten in trouble for using iDisk to distribute the new tracks by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. While they didn't sue for $30 million thousand katrillion dollars, they did remove the tracks and threaten to suspend the account if we violate the terms and conditions again.

What does this mean to you? Well, if you have any suggestions on how I can host files outside of the iDisk...that would be superb. Otherwise I am going to have to lay low with music posts in the future...or only post songs that I have explicit permission by the artist/copyright holder to use. This means you'll probably hear less new tunes.

How do I feel about this? I'm not happy. While I know it's not right to post copyrighted material, there IS a disclaimer on this blog stating that these songs are for sampling purposes only. If you like a song, you're supposed to buy the album! If they would have asked me nicely, I would have immediately removed the files myself.

In the future I am going to include a disclaimer under every post with music in it. Hopefully that will help prevent future problems. I'm also going to look into new ways of hosting files (megaupload, yousendit, actual hosting, etc).

The man stuck it to me,
Joe John


Anonymous said...

Disclaimers won't really help. If you're distributing copyrighted material, you're distributing copyrighted material. Which is illegal. And a blog is a pretty public forum for illegal activity. It doesn't matter what you intend the reader to do with the songs. What matters is that you are breaking the law.

But I'm sorry that they were so mean about it. How do other bloggers post songs?

Andrea said...

yeah, I mean - it's probably better to not host mp3's from larger bands, also. Small bands tend to appreciate the publicity - and most bands don't care if you host singles, which they very often offer for download anyway.

Wonder how stereogum does it? Probably explicit permission...?

J said...

Well, you could still get in trouble by using any number of file hosting sites but I belong to a livejournal music community (audiography) which has weekly themes.

Basically, anyone who wants to contribute a song via a site like "you send it" also needs to include a site/location to purchase the song from.

So far the community has not been shut down or cited as far as I know and it is a pretty big community.