12 February 2006

totesumbrellas february mixtape pt. 2: snow'd in

My last mixtape included dance party jams, and the lovely shitparade has joined us in celebrating the month of ass-shaking...providing us some hot jams from Spank Rock, new Nelly Furtado, and more. Also, be sure to check out Guava's hot V-day mix featuring everything from La Bouche to TV on the Radio.

It will be rare that I make two mixtapes for one month, but this is an exception. Now that there's TWELVE FEET of snow outside, you need some music to listen to. Let's be honest...you don't want to walk anywhere, you don't want to drive anywhere. So, you're definitely staying inside on this lovely Sunday. For all of you in warmer climates, you can pretend there's snow. And I hate you.

The criteria for songs on this playlist is that they make you feel like you are inside a snowglobe. Also, they have to sound nice.
  1. THE RABBITS- Sunday: The Rabbits sing every cute song that your imagination can think of. My favorite is "Saturday", but today is Sunday. (FIND me a link to buy this album)
  2. LISA FAUST- Oh, Qu'est-ce que je peux dites?: This song is the prettiest. I randomly found this somehow...maybe MySpace? I don't know what the song means, and I don't remember much except that she's from New Jersey. (BUY Everyday)
  3. JOANNA NEWSOM- Sprout and the Bean: Joanna Newsom is so magical that it makes me hurt sometimes. Some people can't stand her voice. They are stupid. (BUY The Milk-Eyed Mender)
  4. PONIES IN THE SURF- Fairy in my House: Ponies in the Surf are the only possible rival to The Rabbits for the award of "cutest band to ever exist". (BUY a demonstration)
  5. PAVEMENT- Summer Babe (Winter Version): I just put this song because I figured it was an obligation. (BUY Slanted and Enchanted: Luxe & Reduxe)
  6. JOSE GONZALEZ- Hand on Your Heart: This song is a heartbreaking cover of Kylie Minogue. I've never heard the original version, but now that I've heard this one...I never want to hear the original. (BUY Stay in the Shade EP)
  7. JENNY LEWIS & THE WATSON TWINS- Rabbit Fur Coat: I've said 10 million times that I love Jenny Lewis. This song is my favorite on the album. And it totally fits the snowglobe theme. (BUY Rabbit Fur Coat)
  8. COACH SAID NOT TO- Words that I Employ: I was supposed to do an interview with this band, but I couldn't think of any good questions other than, "why are you so deliciously good?" (DOWNLOAD more, keep updated.)
  9. SPRINGFACTORY- Get Out of Bed: I didn't get out of bed until maybe 1PM. Despite that, I still felt like it was too early. (VISIT website)
  10. THE ACORN- Blankets: Get up under your favorite blanky and listen to this song. Warmth is so nice. (DOWNLOAD live album for free, support band)
  11. MICHAEL HURLEY- Pool Hall Clickety Clack: Tom loves Michael Hurley. You can knock those pool balls forth and back. I don't want you hangin' round my little sister no more. (BUY Blueberry Wine: The First Song of Michael Hurley)
  12. WE ARE SCIENTISTS- What Gives?: This is an older song by We Are Scientists and it's an entirely different song. For some reason, I feel like it should be on the soundtrack of Jim Carrey's The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. But wait...no...it's actually a good song. (BUY With Love and Squalor)
  13. PANTS YELL!- The Not-So City Life: These guys are doing a show with Harry and the Potters in Cambridge that I think you should be at. (BUY Songs for Siblings)
  14. THE CHAPIN SISTERS- Toxic (Britney cover): The Chapin Sisters include some Wesleyan alums...Max pointed this out to me when I posted this song long ago. Their take on "Toxic" is somewhat haunting, but exquisite. (VISIT website, see a show)
  15. SUFJAN STEVENS- She Is: No snowed in mix would be complete without Sufjan. (BUY Dream Brother: The Songs of Tim and Jeff Buckley)
  16. THE WALKMEN- We've Been Had: This was the first song I thought of when I came up with the snowglobe theme. I seriously cannot wait for their new album. (BUY Everybody Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone)
  17. EL PERRO DEL MAR- God Knows: This song is beautiful. It's very old-timey in the way that The Pipettes are as well. It's Swedish too. Robyn + The Knife + Jose Gonzalez + this = Sweden is the new Canada. (BUY You Gotta Give to Get)
  18. BASIA BULAT- Sugar and Spice: Basia Bulat has a beautiful voice. This is the second time she is featured on totesumbrellas, and it won't be the last. Mark my words. She even links to us on her website! This girl is so talented, so adorable. (DOWNLOAD now, BUY the full length as soon as it comes out!)
  19. THE CHANGES- Modern Love (Alternate Version): We featured an interview with Rob Kallick of The Changes back in January. He's a funny, very chill guy. They've just signed to a record label and will soon be releasing a full length album. (BUY an EP)
  20. ARETHA FRANKLIN- Until You Come Back to Me: Aretha is the true queen of soul. A long time ago, I thought her name was Arethra. People laughed at me for it. Sometimes I still slip and say Arethra. Unfortunately, she is not the queen of urination. (BUY Greatest Hits)
  21. THE CARDIGANS- Don't Blame Your Daughter (Diamonds): Without a doubt, this was my favorite album of 2005. Unfortunately, it wasn't released in the USA. (BUY an import of Super Extra Gravity)
  22. DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE- Earth Angel: You may think you're too old for Death Cab. You may think that Gibbard has sold out. Either way, this is a pretty good cover. (BUY The Photo Album, because Plans sort of sucked)
  23. ROSE POLENZANI- Soul Meets Body: On that note, this is an even better cover. It takes one of the worst Death Cab songs and makes it good. I mean, really really good. (BUY the merch, DOWNLOAD a shitload of MP3s)

Chris was very upset that I didn't include this song on the last mixtape. It's a new one by Prince. According to shitparade's sources, Prince will be releasing his new album with a few select "Purple Tickets" that can be redeemed for a private performance by Prince in his Minneapolois hideaway. Whether or not this is true, this song will have you screaming like a white lady on the count of three.

PRINCE- Black Sweat
(PRE-ORDER 3121, BUY Greatest Hits)

This is the song that should have beat the Gorillaz for the Grammy of Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals. Gorillaz...put your hands DOWN. YOU ARE NOT PIMPIN.

LUDACRIS f/ BOBBY VALENTINO- Pimpin All Over the World
(BUY Red Light District)

While we're on the subject of Ludacris...I heard that Katie Brown and Jess Lane are fed up, tired of the same ol' thang. Unpredictably, I'm posting this song for them. Ludacris is the only part of this song that could explain why this album was even number one on the charts. "All aboard! The spontaneous express. Nevertheless, always the more. From the pool table to the kitchen floor. Next stop is the G-Spot." Truly, he is the Dr. Seuss of today's generation.

JAMIE FOXX f/ LUDACRIS- Unpredictable
(don't BUY Unpredictable)

If he loves your blogspot, he'll hit your G-spot,
Joe John

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mell said...

dude, i wish we'd get some snow here. I'm obsessed with the click five's cover of "Voices Carry", but what can I say? I'm a sucker for punkish covers of 80's hits about spousal abuse!