23 February 2006

this is so hard to watch just on a human level

For those of you who didn't watch Project Runway tonight (and who may or may not be named Joe John and contribute to this blog), it was the reunion show. No challenges, no designs, no new Michael Kors-isms, but I swear, this is the best episode of the season. I'll have a pseudo-recap up tomorrow, but for now just let me say: thank heavens, Andrae is back.


Honestly, I'll do my best with screencaps, but the magic of this episode (including musical numbers!) cannot be captured in still images. The episode is actually available for $2 off of iTunes, and it's probably worth the price. An extended Daniel Franco dance number with a Santino and Nick duet sing-along? Priceless.

It's just clothes, but it's also my life,


Joe John said...

I HOPE YOU TAPED IT!...do people still use the word "taped" anymore? Let's try that again...


AJ said...

Katey, I couldn't agree more! Thank god for Andrae!

Anybody up for starting a "Project Andrae" petition? I'd die happy...

Max said...

I almost pissed my pants on numerous occasions:

1. Who knew Andrae's freak-out lasted 10 minutes?
2. What the fuck was Guadalupe on? This seriously weirded me out.
3. At one point, Andrae's accent fucked me up in a major way.
3. When Nick threw in, "Auf Wiedersehen muthfukkah" at the end of the musical number, I was filled with glee.
5. The montage of Andrae exiting the revolving door had me out of my seat.
6. IMHO, from the body language and behavior, it looks like Santino won. Word is they taped that shit after the final runway shows...

Project Jay was very depressing.
I am stoked for Top Chef.

Anonymous said...

Ahh! Guadalupe was so drunk, I want to know exactly what she said.

-Leana (an avid reader

Tommy M said...

"Guadalupe, did you feel your elimination was fair even though Marla had plagiarized the dress Nicky Hilton had worn before?" – Tim Gunn

"Honestly I can only give him a personal critique no one would ever know unless they personally respond to me would know what my personal response is, and that is of me, and personally I believe you cant, like, push the values, and like Johnny Cash Walk The Line … [general confusion from everyone] … understand that Marla has an aesthetic that I cannot duplicate but Marla has an aesthetic that she cannot duplicate, and Arian on national television you fucking rock because you believe in what is true. Period." -- Guadalupe

"That is the biggest load of bullshit I've heard in weeks. " – Tim Gunn