08 February 2006

these are a few of my favorite things: project runway & sufjan

To start off, let me present a bit of Project Runway (thanks to Tom) to keep you going until the episode is aired and Katey's re-cap is posted . Logged Hours brings us "Michael Kors true identity"-- Mugatu.

EQUALSI am certainly NOT underwhelmed by this comparison.

Also, be sure to check out Diana Eng's blog for some hot, mathematical designs from the Seamless show, and please note this old picture of Diana as a floppy disc for Halloween (scan thanks to BPR of course!).

Numbers DO rule!

And now....some tunes that you may not have heard yet.

From the new Ashmatic Kitty Compilation...
New: SUFJAN STEVENS- Opie's Funeral Song (studio version)
Old: SUFJAN STEVENS- Opie's Funeral Song (live)
(SUPPORT Sufjan)

New single + remixes + acoustic...
YEAH YEAH YEAHS- Gold Lion (Diplo Remix)
YEAH YEAH YEAHS- Gold Lion (2nd version of Diplo Remix)
YEAH YEAH YEAHS- Maps (acoustic)
(last mp3 courtesy of The Rich Girls are Weeping)
(SUPPORT Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

From the new album Just Like The Fambly Cat...
GRANDADDY- Jeez Louise
GRANDADDY- Disconnecty
(SUPPORT Grandaddy)

Check the grill, here is proof that the beef is done...
BUSTA RHYMES f/ NAS & JAY-Z- Touch It (Remix)
(SUPPORT Bus-a-Bus)

THE GO! TEAM- Huddle Formation (RJD2 Remix)
THE GO! TEAM- Huddle Formation (Kevin Shields Remix)
THE GO! TEAM- Ladyflash (Hot Chip Remix)
THE GO! TEAM- The Wrath of Mikey
(SUPPORT The Go! Team)

Hot version of...
THE KNIFE- Heartbeats (OneMusic version) (highly recommended)
(SUPPORT The Knife)

From the new album Fox Confessor Brings the Flood...
NEKO CASE- Star Witness
NEKO CASE- Hold On, Hold On
NEKO CASE- A Widow's Toast
NEKO CASE- The Needle Has Landed
(PRE-ORDER Neko Case)

New song...
(SUPPORT Bishop Allen)

From the Feel Good Inc. EP...
GORILLAZ- Bill Murray
GORILLAZ- Spitting Out the Demons
(SUPPORT Gorillaz)

Also, Fluxblog has posted the "new" Rihanna single that samples "Tainted Love". BARF! But who am I to say? Fluxblog AND this blogger liked it. I guess I just am more of a music snob than I like to admit.

Deliverin' the mail,
Joe John

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