22 February 2006

razzle [be]dazzle 'em

Bedazzlers are back!!! I'm not even kidding. Want to make everything you own tacky and dated? Well, for only one easy payment of $19.99 you can!


Just pop in the stone and press. It's that easy! And the infomercial lady says that she made $10,000 in the first two weeks with hers. That's a net of $9980.01!!!!!!

Gah, I'm so excited! There are so many cool studs for bedazzlers. I've found stars, hotdogs, and even cowboy boots! Who's buying me one for my half birthday next week? This'll be better than a Lite-Brite Cube!

Turn on the magical shining light,


Joe John said...


Katey said...

I think we've figured out what to do on spring break.

mell said...

joe john can get you the bedazzler, I'll get you the refill set.

Andrea said...

Turn on the magical COLORED light.