21 February 2006

on the spot: vol 2

  • MUSIC...
  • rbally has a pretty exclusive live set by Sufjan Stevens.
  • guava has got the new song by The Streets, "When You Wasn't Famous".
  • absolut noise posts about the dance-able glory that is Le Sport.
  • gorilla vs. bear exposes us to the sounds of A-Ko..."Go! Team meets RJD2 meets James Brown."
  • *sixeyes has some exquisite songs by Spider.
  • see you in the pit features some tracks by Lady Sovereign.
  • bigstereo features a mash-up/remix type song with Peaches and Bloc Party.
  • you ain't no picasso has a new track by Page France.
  • the rich girls are weeping has new Britney Spears, a Bloc Party remix, and a cover of The Arctic Monkeys by The Sugababes.
  • ready rock moe rex posts a remix of Mary J. Blige's "Family Affair" by DJ Copy, the man who makes hot electronic remixes to tunes by pop divas (also see gorilla vs. bear for DJ Copy's remix of "No Scrubs")
  • It took me a long time to realize why my mp3 blog aggregator was turning out so many songs about presidents. Then I realized what yesterday was. See trees lounge for songs about presidents.


  • Diana Eng updates her blog, stating her love of her glasses.
  • Nick Verreos is set to do fashion commentary on Olympics figure skating outfits. His new collection is also on sale.
  • Andrae Gonzalo's orange shorts are on sale through e-bay. Last I checked, the bidding was only at $53. I suggest someone one-ups this low bid. Those shorts are a piece of history.
  • Daniel Vosovic won't be my friendster.
  • Over at ohnotheydidnt, I wondered where all the comments went on this post. Then I realized that they deleted the creepy child molester conversation that a married man had with a 10 year old girl. I'm not even kidding. It was seriously 50 comments long and couldn't have been for real.
  • nervous breakdown evaluates each of the 13 girls from Cycle 6 of America's Next Top Model, pointing to the fact that this is the first season that an Indian girl is on the show.
  • gawker explores "the art of editorial abortion".
  • forbes.com allows us to compare how much our time is worth compared to Paris Hilton. We are all depressed afterwards.
  • aziz exposes the lies behind America's Most Talented Kids.
  • threadless brings us the "No one cares about me and I don't care" Care Bear. Thanks to whatevs, who also examines the intended audience of She's the Man.
  • go fug yourself makes fun of Kanye West's ability to use people as an accessory, an idea that he stole and perfected beyond Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Girls.
  • stereogum examines hipster grafiti, chinese democracy.

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