06 February 2006

on the gayest cutting edge we know

First it was Queer Eye. We kept giving Bravo some looks, but they kept saying "No way, it's just what the demographic wants. Most of our viewers are actually straight young women."

Then it was the Seven Gays of the Apocalypse on Project Runway. Bravo just kind of looked away and mumbled something about "Well, what did you expect on a show about fashion design?"

And then it was the incessant gay travel Orbitz ads. At that point Bravo stopped going out with us on weekends and kept getting spotted at places like "Woody's."

But now, Bravo has finally come out. According to the New York Times, Bravo is launching an online-only, all-gay network called OutZoneTV. According to these people, online-only channels have actually been generally successful, which means there's people out there who are watching things other than the "Lazy Sunday" sketch and Apple trailers on the internet.

The woman quoted in the Times article compares internet television to "the Wild West," which officially confirms that no one in the media can refer to anything gay-related without bringing up Brokeback Mountain.

There's not much on the Bravo site yet, but based on the promotional photos, gay men are definitely getting the sweet side of this deal:

That woman is enough motivation for me to never turn on my computer again.

I'm not sure what channel the lesbians are watching on the internet, but I guess they'll just have to sit down with The L Word and keep quiet for the time being.

Eventually I'll post about something not related to gay men,


Joe John said...

Everything you DO is related to gay men. Let's not lie.

Liz T said...

That woman is sexy as hell. 30% of me just got aroused.