07 February 2006

more vh1, please

I thought that VH1 couldn't get any better, but they proved me wrong with the announcement of two gameshows in the works! Oh my God, VH1 + Game Show Network = bliss.

The first of the two is called "The Surreal Life: Fame Games", and is essentially "Real World/ Road Rules Challenge" meets celebrities (Real World housemates are NOT celebrities!). And the games won't entail 1/2 naked body painting like RW/RR Challenge! No, these are all class like: "Red Carpet Fashion Showdown", "Paparazzi Hide-and-Seek", "Hotel Room Trash-a-thon", and "What's Charo Saying?" Brigitte Nielsen, Chyna, Pepa, C.C. DeVille, and Traci Bingham are already on board.

My Idol

The second show was actually announced two weeks ago, but is still exciting! "The World Series of Pop Culture" is a joint venture between Entertainment Weekly and VH1 (maybe—dare I say it— a better combo than VH1 and GSN?) in which 16 teams of three will compete for a $100,000 prize! That's, like, a lot of money, and you can be in on it! So brush up on old Totes posts and head on down to a casting call:

Los Angeles: March 4-5
Chicago: March 11-12
Dallas: March 18-19
Atlanta: March 25-26 (my Spring Break...)
New York: April 1-2

Both shows are set to debut this summer. Best Summer Ever? Yes, I think so.

Push it,


Katey said...

Um, is there any reason we're not auditioning for this? Seriously. We need to do this.

mell said...

Justin--is that a weekend? are you going? I'm fucking there, if so.