28 February 2006

i'm dreaming of dreamgirls

Am I the gayest human being ever for being excited about this?
Dreamgirls may be the first movie that Beyonce Knowles is in that doesn't suck! With the exception of Carmen: A Hip-Hopera, one of my favorite films of all time.

The movie will also feature Jennifer Hudson from American Idol, who should have won solely for her one performance of "The Circle of Life" that made my heart literally melt. Okay, for that statement, I am now officially the gayest human being ever.

AND OH MY GOD. The third girl was in my other favorite musical film of all time...From Justin to Kelly. She played the role of "Kelly Clarkson's token black friend".

EDIT: Supporting my nomination for the gayest human being ever, I just bought Project Runway season 2 on iTunes.

EDIT PT. 2: Speaking of gayest human being ever, head over to shitparade and read why Anne Hathaway loves the ladies. Thanks Andrea!

No way I'm livin' without you,
Joe John

1 comment:

mell said...

yes, you are. but i'm 2nd gayest because i want to see it with you.