28 February 2006

i read it in "hogwarts: a history"!

Emma Watson (Hermione) loves her booze. Pssh!...You shouldn't be kissing the bottle. You should be kissing Ron Weasley's face! Not to mention the fact that you're only 15.


Completely unrelated, head over to Neiles Life or Gorilla vs. Bear and check out some of the tracks from the new Destroyer album Destroyer's Rubies. They are pretty fantastic. Or you can just buy the album, which I really recommend doing.

Even less related, Max Goldblatt sent me a little tid-bit from the West Coast....

Last Monday here in LA was the annual Alumni event at CAA. Jeanine and Lisa D. and Douggie and Midge were there, along with the illustrious Mike White, Rick Nicita and Joss Whedon (and the illustrious ME). But the weirdest thing was that at the table where you check in, the guy with the list of names was..... Adam, from the Real World Paris and, currently, The Inferno II. Not a Wes grad, maybe he works at CAA? Or maybe he works in the catering or event planning world? I guess a guy's got to work. I should get me a job like that.

You say he's just a friend,
Joe John

My co-bloggers think I blog too much and say they may need to stage an intervention. This is why they still haven't helped me think up the ultimate celebrity rumor. I'm thinking of something that has to do with Oprah, dolphins, and velcro.


Justin said...

No. We don't mess with Oprah. You saw what happened with Dave Chappelle!

Andrea said...

Anne Hathaway is a gaymo.

alexis said...

i think you rock

Anonymous said...

So about you, "she's only 15" comment, Emma Watson is really 18, she's only 15 in the most recent movie, not real life, meaning that in England, where the drinking age is 18, she can, legally drink

Adi said...

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