06 February 2006

go seahawks!: paris hilton edition

Inspired by the superbowl, I have decided to do a music post about Paris Hilton. These are songs that involve Paris Hilton in some way. Nothing is particularly new, but you may not have heard some of it.

Oh, I also just bought my very own copy of Your Heiress Diary at Barnes & Noble for $5.00. I am totally going to confess it all to her...


Obviously, the first song I post needs to be BY Paris. Luckily, this song leaked 100 years ago in a valley far, far away...on ONTD. I got an advance copy from Liam McAlpine through the best facebook group ever. This song is too gay to function. Seriously, it sounds like homosexuality. You like it, don't you? YOU DO! YOU DO! YOU DO! I knew you were gay.

PARIS HILTON- Screwed (Alex G Mix)
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The next song is by my favorite Brazilian indie-pop group ever. Because I don't know any other Brazilian indie-pop groups to like. They brought us such great lyrics as "Let's make love and listen Death From Above" and "I want to be your J. Lo". With this song, they bring us the best chorus ever-- "THE BITCH SAID YEAH! THE BITCH SAID YEAH! THE BITCH SAID YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!" It is the anthem of the year.

This song has been one of my favorite songs since FOREVER. It was made for my ears. It involves chicken squawks, cowbells, and a great music video that I won't forgive you for not watching. And Annie likes it. That means you are required to love it. The lyrics include "I'm the. richest. party. dumb girl. Would you. Like to. Look at. MY SEX TAPE!" God bless Matsumi Kanamori. This is the anthem of last year. Because I'm all about playlistism Katey. I went there.

MU- Paris Hilton
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You didn't think I could go through this entire post without mentioning Nicole Richie? Recently, her new jam leaked on ONTD. It is a cover of LFO's "Summer Girls". OK...I'm lying! It's actually a cover of LFO's "Dandelion" from their 2001 release Life is Good. Don't ask me how I know this.

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LFO f/ KELIS- Dandelion
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In other news, Busta Rhymes said that he got it in with Nicole Richie. It's at 7 minutes into the interview. It has a cowbell too. And he's asked, "If you HAD to sleep with another man who would it be?" His response--- "I ain't even gonna ENTERTAIN that". I knew he was a homophobe.

BUSTA RHYMES- The Forbidden Hat Interview
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And to top it all off, here is some more Paris for you...OH WAIT, that isn't Paris.

I'm the richest party dumb girl,
Joe John

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