13 February 2006

from joe john to kelly

Ok, so I lied. I cleared out some of the songs from the chick up on it post to make room for the only chick you need. Scratch those MP3s.

From The Boston Globe

You probably already knew that Kelly Clarkson was big, and this was confirmed at the Grammys last week, when Clarkson snagged three awards, including best pop vocal album. Nowadays, Clarkson is bigger than Britney (although, that's not saying much) [BURN!], and even bigger than Christina Aguilera and Avril Lavigne, who have written songs for her albums. Anyone who doubts the power of our first ''American Idol" winner should grab an album and start counting.

While big pop stars of the past decade -- such as Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake -- have managed to get four singles from one album on radio pop charts, Clarkson just released her sixth radio track in Boston, all from her disc ''Breakaway." Five of her six singles have been local No. 1's, and her latest hit, ''Walk Away," is climbing to the top. In that sense, Clarkson is even bigger than Mariah Carey, whose ''Emancipation of Mimi" was honored with three Grammys but is responsible only for five radio tracks, including the latest, ''Fly Like a Bird."

David Corey, music director at KISS 108 (107.9 FM), says Clarkson's success is ''very rare." The pop music station just started playing a sixth song by Gwen Stefani, from her album ''Love. Angel. Music. Baby.," but Corey says a few of Stefani's songs, such as ''Luxurious," have had mediocre success on the air. ''With Kelly, all of hers have been huge hits," he says.

How does Clarkson's ''Breakaway" stack up? Corey says he can think of only a few other albums that had six songs successfully hit radio. They were made by artists with staying power, he says, the ones who are big enough to go by their first names...

Michael Jackson, ''Thriller" (1982)
1. ''Wanna Be Startin' Something" [mp3]
2. ''The Girl is Mine" [mp3]
3. ''Thriller" [mp3]
4. ''Beat It"
5. ''Billie Jean"
6. ''Human Nature"
7. ''P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)"

[Since when was it okay to refer to Michael Jackson solely by his first name?]

Bruce Springsteen, ''Born in the U.S.A." (1984)
1. ''Born in the U.S.A."
2. ''Cover Me"
3. ''I'm on Fire"
4. ''I'm Goin' Down"
5. ''Glory Days"
6. ''Dancing in the Dark"
7. ''My Hometown"

Janet Jackson, ''Control" (1986)
1. ''Control"
2. ''Nasty"
3. ''What Have You Done for Me Lately"
4. ''The Pleasure Principle"
5. ''When I Think of You"
6. ''Let's Wait Awhile"

Janet Jackson, ''Rhythm Nation 1814" (1989)
1. ''Rhythm Nation"
2. ''State of the World"
3. ''Miss You Much"
4. ''Love Will Never Do (Without You)"
5. ''Alright"
6. ''Escapade"
7. ''Black Cat"
8. ''Come Back to Me"

Janet Jackson, ''Janet" (1993)
1. ''That's the Way Love Goes"
2. ''You Want This"
3. ''If"
4. ''Throb"
5. ''Because of Love"
6. ''Again"
7. ''Where Are You Now"
8. ''Any Time, Any Place"

Alanis Morissette, ''Jagged Little Pill" (1995)
1. ''All I Really Want"
2. ''You Oughta Know"
3. ''Hand in My Pocket"
4. ''You Learn"
5. ''Head Over Feet"
6. ''Ironic"

Kelly Clarkson, ''Breakaway" (2004)
1. ''Breakaway''
2. ''Since U Been Gone"
3. ''Behind These Hazel Eyes"
4. ''Because of You"
5. ''Gone"
6. ''Walk Away"

Kelly Clarkson is the new Michael Jackson,
Joe John


Anonymous said...

kelly clarkson DOES rule BUT--imho, Gone doesn't really count as a single. Its been on the radio a little, yes, but isn't really a huge hit (even tho its should be b/c its better than Walk Away) just b/c they changed the single to Walk Away last minute.

Sooo...i would say Mariah has had just as many singles off of Emancipation and if u add So Lonely w/ Twista, it'll be 6. (btw, i'm busy praying that Fly Like A Bird ISN'T really the last single and its Mine Again or Stay The Night or something)

but i guess the point is, however u look at it, they both rule.

and i hope Crash does better than Luxurious for Gwen.

---matt p.

Jackie said...

This post really, really makes me miss Janet Jackson. Come back, Janet!

mell said...

i love matt

Joe John said...

I love how long you were waiting for me to mention Mariah again.