22 February 2006

for your ears

Here are some new tunes:

You may remember Rhymefest from his cover of "Build Me Up Buttercup" with Ol' Dirty Bastard. His lyrics are very comparable to Kanye, "Some of these days I'm pro-black and I be ready to blast, til I see a white girl with a black girl ass. Take that white girl, give her a black girl mask, but if I get a dark Italian girl it just might pass." Yeah, this song is pretty amazing.

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Have you been itching for some more music by The Postal Service...Or, like me, did you manage to forget that they exist? Well, either way...they remixed "Mushaboom" by Feist. I just heard it, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Yay or Nay?

FEIST- Mushaboom (Postal Service remix)
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My Old Kentucky Blog has some b-sides by We Are Scientists and Palms Out Sounds has Cat Power covering Pavement. On that note, I have been reading Palms Out Sounds for awhile...and while at Jubilee 2006 I saw that Wesleyan's own Lancelot Drummonds and Andre Charles (AKA Cadence Cambridge) are both signed to their label. Awesome? Yes. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any MP3s of their music...but I did find a blog entry where one of them talks about sneakers. CLOTHES (clothes!) in his CLOSET (closet!).

EDIT: Max has informed me that Palms Out recently posted a clip of Lancelot's performance at Jubilee! If you're a non-Wesleyan student out there reading this, I encourage you to check this out as well...especially if you like John Legend or Stevie Wonder. One Wesleyan alum once said, "He has impregnated me with his music". It's really that good.

So full of myself I'm spilling over,
Joe John


Max said...

but they do have video of lance's jubilee performance:

Haldan said...

thanks for all the love, palms out has a little sampling of andre charles' vocal workings as featured on cityproductmusic.com (city product is another palms out act comprised of myself, shaun "scheme" redwood, and andre "cadence ccambridge" charles) they are just demos, but look out for 4 new releases from Palms Out Sounds in the coming 3 months.
ps. we should exchange links!