26 February 2006

the fastest kid in the fifth grade

Are you ready for the magic? Are you ready for the heartbreak? Are you ready to swing across on the rope...to Terabithia?

That's right folks. Bridge to Terabithia is the next big children's movie (thanks Peggy!)...featuring that kid from Zathura and that girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The last version of this movie is from 1985. I kind of want to see it.

Here are some photos of the young actors who will be playing the parts...

TODAY: Violet Beauregarde, Leslie Burke
TOMORROW: The Next Lindsay Lohan

TODAY: Boardgames in Outer Space, Jesse Aarons
TOMORROW: Applying to Wesleyan

Sparknotes for Bridge to Terabithia

In fourth grade, I did a project for this book where we made up a magical land of our own. My group's land was called Mythuania and I was the golden knight. I felt special.

Mythuania is a place where Brian is half pony,
Joe John

PS- If you were at the midnight showing of Newsies, I highly recommend that you head over to Palms Out Sounds and check out Juelz Santana's reinterpretation of "King of New York".


mell said...

Oh my. The tears! I think that was the first book to make me cry. Things didn't make me cry before puberty (as opposed to now when every half-sentimental commercial will send me running for tissues) but Bridge to Terebithia and "My Girl" were the exceptions.

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