11 February 2006

doo doo doo doo doo...ma-na-ma-na!

If you've been out of the loop of the interweb world of Project Runway development, you may have missed the Olympus Fashion Week images. The four remaining designers showed off their work, in an attempt from producers to avoid spoilers. What they didn't figure is that obsessed fans like us would stare at these images...trying to figure out who the decoy is. Speculation from viewers is on Daniel V and Kara Janx. My bet is Kara. All of her designs from the show incorporate these weird ass knit hats that look like the pelts of MUPPETs.

...And so we say farewell to...
You were so young!...I guess. What is the lifespan of a muppet?

For more...
of Kara Janx's not-so-surpringly Muppet-skin fashion
of Santino Rice's surprisingly conservative fashion
0f Chloe Dao's surprisingly beautiful fashion
of Daniel Vosovic's surprisingly dull, yet classy fashion

While Santino and Chloe each had some of the best, both of their lines lacked continuity. ::shrug::...Guess we'll just have to wait to see what happens.

Heck yeah I'm gonna win,
Joe John


Justin said...

DV looks like he bought all of his fashions from Banana Republic.

notjesslane said...

Hahaha, truth. Daniel V's stuff is boring. I like Kara'! It all looks like it should be in Urban Outfitters though. I dont understand why she doesnt ever design like this for the challenges though. But way to try to jump on the Jay bandwagon and use crazy knitwear.

Santino's stuff gets repetitive. Some of it looks just like other stuff, but the fabric is switched around.

Chloe's stuff is very architechtural. The end.

mell said...

JUSTIN! I was just about to type "Daniel V's is the more Banana Republic than Banana Republic." Obvi, it is a natural conclusion, but I'd rather just consider it further evidence of our shared brain. So I'm going to call you to get some scoop.