12 February 2006

don't quit just yet

If you can't seem to quit "Brokeback Mountain", you can bring a piece of it home! Variety Charities is eBaying the two shirts that Jack's mother gives Ennis.

It's more than couture

In other "Brokeback" news: Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal may team up again (not in that way!). Heath has signed on to the film "Nautica", a yacht thriller, and Jake is "in talks". The Times wonders whether this is a good idea or bad idea. Who cares?

It could be like this. Just like this. Always,


Anonymous said...

Yes! I hope the blood stains are still on the shirt.

Anonymous said...

A yacht "thriller?" As someone who used to sail, I can tell you that sailing is just about the least thrilling thing in existance unless you're actually on the boat. Or I'm just missing some new use of the word "yacht."


Katey said...

"Yacht' is actually the hip new slang for "hot gay cowboy sex."

Joe John said...

Seriously, I mean...the only thrilling thing about this yacht movie should be Heath and Jakey rocking the boat.