24 February 2006

consumer reports: newsies

The film series' midnight movie! Saturday night! Midnight (duh)! I'll be there:

Disney's "Newsies"

GREAT (5 stars)
"I love this movie. It is so great. All the singing and dancing is so great. I love Christian Bale!!!!"
-C. Winkle "Chess- Queen"

Newsies (Collector's Edition) (5 stars)
"I loved this movie. It is a classic. The age range is anywhere between 8-18. Boys and girls will love it!"
-C. Goins

gets better every time you watch it (4 stars)
"This was the theme film for my floor at college. We were introduced to it by a (go figure!) drama major and we all fell in love with it. The word went around about twice a semester - "What, you haven't seen Newsies? Looks like it's time for a movie night..."

Admittedly, it's a somewhat campy story with corny elements, but it's a feel-good film. You fall in love with the characters. Okay, it's not "Citizen Kane," but who said it had to be? Buy it, watch it, sing along. Hey, dance if that sounds good. You won't regret it."
-C. Mckinney "renaissance' girl"

Pretty good! (3 stars)
"I thought the story could have been better, but it was good, my sisters thought it was the greatest, go figure. It was cute."
-monkeyman "JOE"

Just SoSo (3 stars)
"I liked this flim it was very realistic.It has a EXCELLENT plot and the acting is OK the casting could of been better.I gave it three star for the singing as a "MUSICAL" it sucks."
-Cowman "Mike"

The music is phenomenal, catchy (5 stars)
"If you're looking for a 'safe' dvd to give someone that is under 13, I would easily recommend this movie over any animated movie. The quality of the production is just amazing and the actors are only kids! Just beware that you will have these songs stuck in your head for days."
-S. Perry

"I thought I would be bored of this movie when I saw the trailers for it back in 1990-something. But when I actually saw it on video, I kicked myself for not seeing it on the big screen. I enjoyed it a lot and found it to be very entertaining, not to mention educational. I definitely learned something from it. This is one film I can sit through and watch over and over again. The songs and dance routines are catchy and the storyline is great. You don't find movies like this nowadays. I highly recommend this film. "
-C. Xiong

This movie rules (4 stars)
"I hate musicals, I think that they are absurd in a bad way but I really love this film. I even love the acrobatic dancing. It's a wonderful preformance and Christian Bale is a cutie."
-Rachael Brown

3 words... (5 stars)
"HOT BOYS DANCING. That is all you have to know. Christian Bale as Cowboy and my favorite Gabriel Damon as Spot Conlon (BROOKLYN!) Oh Boy am I obsessed!"
-N. Soto "Musical Maven"

Santa Fe are you there?

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Haldan said...

my man pablo posted a juelz santana track that pulls a sample from this classic.