10 February 2006

consumer reports: jack johnson's curious george

I was intrigued by this album, and I almost pre ordered it. Then I decided to see the movie first. Who's with me?

Jack Johnson and Friends' "Sing-A-Long and Lullabies for the film Curious George"

Terrible! (1 star)
"What is this?! I have no idea how anyone could consider this "music" good. I can't even call it music. It's tuneless and the lyrics are boring as watching grass grow."

wow check out all the morons at their dumbest (5 stars)
"COME ONE COME ALL TO SEE THE MORONS AT THEIR DUMBEST. Pretty much every single person had a stupid reason for giving this cd a poor rating just look for yourselves have a good laugh. now for the rebuttal. First of all to all of you idiots who are whining about the CURIOUS GEORGE SOUNDTRACK seeming like it is for little kids, IT'S A CURIOUS GEORGE SOUNDTRACK, CURIOUS GEORGE YOU KNOW THE MONKEY WHO STARS IN A CHILDREN'S PICTURE BOOK, AND NOW A MOVIE. Second point to all the technologically challenged mindless fools who are complaining about the pre-order not automatically downloading by magic IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY DUMMY!!!! AND INSTEAD OF GIVING A CD A RATING IT DOESN'T DESERVE BECAUSE ITUNES ISN'T MAGIC. MAYBE YOU SHOULD EMAIL ITUNES FOR TECHNICAL SUPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! third is the morons who have a problem with the songs being "kinda slow" THAT IS SOMETHING YOU CAN EXPECT FROM LULLABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I GIVE YOU DUMB PEPLE A ZERO AND A SIGN FROM BILL ENGVALL!"
-the rugger

Ipod, whats up? (5 stars)
I pre-ordered this cd. I never have on Itunes before and I still have not received it. What is going on? I dont know how this works and I really wanted this cd. Hing the PRE-ORDER part...So please someone let me know about this?"

Jack Johnson (5 stars)
"This is by far his most upbeat CD! Jack Johnson is an amazing artist!! It's Definitely worth ten dollars!"
-big red 33

Worthy of $10? (3 stars)
"Only 3 good tracks. The rest where obviously thrown together, but that's what you get with a soundtrack."

jack johnson (5 stars)
"jack johnson is one of the best artists of our day, great work"

jack johnson(a.k.a sexyest man alive!) (5 stars)
"okay i TOTTALLY recomend this. when ever your in a bad mood or just feel like crap just put those earplugs in your ears. and youll feel like your flying and just let it take you away and youll be on the clouds. like the way he plays his guitar and sings just like makes you think about life and let all your worrys awayy!!!!!!"

Who's to say what's impossible,


Anonymous said...

Justin--sexyest blogger alive


Justin said...

The above comment is by far the best I've ever received. Thanks, AzianZboy!