22 February 2006

chivalry on the 'net

Many people find James Blunt to be a beautiful person (ha. pun), but he has a serious eBay addiction. Case-in-point: he auctioned off his sister.

Loves him some eBay

The singer/songwriter claims that he auctioned off his sister Emily as a sort of "damsel in distress", because she needed transport to a funeral. Strangely enough this internet fairy tail has a happy ending: the man who won Emily whisked her off to far-away funerals in his helicopter, and the two have been [happily?] dating ever since.

The end,


Joe John said...

Once this girl at my bus stop's brother tried to sell their family on e-bay.

mell said...

who would bid on taking a chick to a random funeral? wow. I wonder the success rate on this kind of matchmaking...maybe we should try selling "take mell to the airport" on ebay. It's such a bitch taking the shuttle, and if I can find a boyfriend who has a helicopter, I'll never have to do it again!