26 February 2006

bishop allen sufjan'd it all up

If Santino can be a verb, so can Sufjan.

Essentially, YANP fave Bishop Allen are doing a series of EPs for every month of the year. This is similar to Sufjan's 50 states project, but less researched and less ambitious. I've heard rumors that Mr. Stevens is abandoning the "50 States project" but I have yet to find confirmation on this topic. I've also heard rumors that Pennsylvania is his next project. If either of these things are true, Ashmatic Kitty is really keeping it on the hush hush.

But back to Bishop Allen! "Vain" is one of the new songs on this lovely February EP. I'm all about it right now. January's "Corazon" is growing on me, but it has a bit too much of a Coldplay vibe to it for me.

(BUY February for $5)

(BUY January for $5)

If this is your first time hearing this band, head over to their website and download 2 other tracks. I highly recommend "Things Are What You Make of Them". If you like what you hear, you can even friend them on MySpace!...or if you're not a 13 year old girl living in the body of a 20 year old male like me, you can just purchase their album on iTunes.

And you know what I mean,
Joe John

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