13 February 2006

as we proceed

As we proceed, to give you what you need. Satisfaction is a guarantee. Diet Pepsi!

We all knew Bad Boy Records was in a rut. It's no secret that Diddy had been saving up the material from Biggie Duets for a time like this. But if you watched the Superbowl a week ago, you'd have seen that Bad Boy has hit a new low--- Diet Pepsi commercials. Not only is Diddy doing Diet Pepsi commercials, but it is also the worst slogan for a soda ever. Brown and Bubbly. Yes. If you didn't see it, you read that right. If that wasn't enough, the website is brownandbubbly.com, which sounds like it should be an ethno-erotic experience, not a musical experience that will rock your ears...and your tastebuds. On the site, you can watch the commercial, watch reject commercials STAR IN YOUR OWN (this is amazing), download wallpapers, and more!

Come and get you some,
Joe John

PS- Tonight, I'll be clearing the iDisk of a lot of songs...so download songs from previous posts while you still can!!!

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