01 February 2006

antm: the off-season

I'll be honest, I haven't really been keeping up with America's Next Top Model news. You'd think that there wouldn't be much to keep up with, considering the new season doesn't start until March 8th...but you are so wrong. So so wrong. Let the Top Model community educate you...

To start off, the website for the new season has been launched. These promo-photoshoots are always craptastic. Hey, look! We're fairies! Mystical. Magical. Meeesmerizing.

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Surprise! ASIAN'D. The Top Model community is very excited about her, even if April was a halfie. Apparently, this is a first for ANTM.
Maybe you just watched Cycle 5 for Kim Stolz. Well, here are some familiar faces on screen, because I know most of you don't watch The Tyra Show. That's what the internet is for!

Reunited and it feels so good: Coryn Woitel, the "sad" one, reunited with her biological father. She tries not to cry. He cries. Bre cries?

I'm Easy, Breezey, AND Beautiful
: Cookie-loving Lisa D'Amato tells it like it is. She says what's on everyone's mind, and Tyra shuts her down. Also, she discusses her relationship with Cousin It...and her lack of an alcohol problem.

I've been homeless a few times: Surprisingly, Ebony Taylor remains the most professional and well-spoken in her interview. If you thought Ebony was just a catchphrase, you got it oh so twisted. The camera left out some amazing details of Ebony's life. This girl was the top of her class! And she had a birthday in a homeless shelter! Ebony's past isn't all too happy, but she has risen above all that. May I take a homo moment (homoment) to say, YOU GO GIRL!

Get Low
: This isn't a Lil Jon song. Sarah Rhoades discusses her battle with severe depression, including the lowest point in her life. Tyra gets some closure that she didn't make her more depressed.

Audience Participation
: Bre, Kim, Lisa, Coryn, Sarah, and Ebony are interviewed by the audience. Bre reps her hood. Lisa is compared to Janice Dickinson. Someone asks the girls a question about relationships. Bre starts to answer, but then Tyra takes over with her wisdom.

But have you seen this?!?

You Can't Date That!: Sarah and Kim talk about their kisses. I don't really think I need to say much more about that. But...uh...there's an awkward moment where Sarah talks about what she'd do if she had the opportunity to date Kim.

Amy's Moment to Shine
: Tyra's producers travel to the foreign land of Connecticut. Kim's girlfriend, Amy, talks about her feelings on the matter. Girl love! Cute.
  • Nik was on Best Week Ever. I am jealous.
  • Pictures of Bre, Ebony, Nik, and Lisa...sort of new. Sort of unflattering.
  • You know you're important when you're an entry in wikipedia.
  • Nicole Linkletter parties with Lindsay Lohan.
  • Unrelated to this cycle, Elyse Sewell is gorgeous.
  • The new Mirror Boiyz track "Don't Get it Twisted" will probably be released within the next few weeks. Graduate student Anne Rhodes will be featured on the track. It is going to blow your mind. Keep your eye out for it on the 'space.
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