20 February 2006

20 years

That is not only how late I am with this news, but also how old Janet Jackson reports to feel. Her upcoming album is titled 20 Years Old because it has been 20 years since Control was released. She also added that 20 years old, half of her actual age, is how she feels.

Seriously Janet. You should have just stuck with the whole Control reason. Or picked a better album title. The best thing about Janet is that she looks like this now...

I swear! I gained it for a role in an indie film!

But of course she'll look like this SOON...She has until April 2006 (release date for first single) to shed those pounds.

But who am I to say? Maybe she'll reinvent pop music fashion by filming music videos in sweatpants. Maybe her and Mariah can wear them together in their video! Or maybe she'll just wind up like this once-fabulous R&B diva, who strangely enough...recorded with Mariah Carey.

Crack is whack yall!

Also, who am I lying to? The best thing about Janet Jackson is that if you google her...you will no doubt see her right boob.

You pleasured your principal,
Joe John

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