15 February 2006

13 beautiful girls stand before me

Looking for something to fill the void during the Project Runway off-season?

Well, the website for America's Next Top Model has been updated with pre-show photos, short bios, and a link to buy ANTM thongs! The bios aren't too epic, because all we really learn is that a few of the models like fried chicken. But at least we get this "scarier-than-Final-Destination-3" picture of Tyra out of the deal.

Come to me darling. You can be my next model.

New episodes begin at 8PM, March 8th on UPN. Before watching, be sure not to judge the girls too much. Let us remember what last cycle's winner looked like in her pre-show photo...


ANTM- From totes awkies to totes hotties in no time...to, um, totes emo??

Word to the top model community. They show us love too.

Also, I dug this up a while ago and forgot to post it.
TYRA BANKS- Shake Ya Body (MP3)

In other news slightly related to ANTM, here is a demo of "Don't Get it Twisted" by the Mirror Boiyz. Also, check out some new photos of Ebony on her MySpace.

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