26 January 2006

We didn't have a speech prepared...

Not to bury Katey's Best Project Runway Recap Ever(tm), but for anyone who didn't already track down six copies of this week's Hartford Advocate, here's our story online:

Little Blog That Could:
Four Wesleyan students co-author the best blog you´re not reading

15 seconds of awkward graveyard fame

Nathan Conz = Honorary Toteser for life.

I would like to have a post-off between three bloggers,
Katie B


mell said...

COOL! Except for a severe SEVERE lack of Justin.

Andrea said...

Ultimate self-esteem boost - congrats!

katie b said...

yeah severe lack of justin and severe lack of the URL anywhere in the article. life goes on.

Justin said...

Well, the closing quote of the article is actually me. I'm thinking about changing my name to The Shadow.

mell said...

he should have cited that shit, shadow!

Joe John said...

The funniest part about this issue of the Hartford Advocate is the ad that says-- "Two great performers, one great ticket...Gladys Knight and Sinbad"


I should make "Nathan Conz is my homeboy" t-shirts.

Laura K said...

I'd love to read this article but it is so s-l-o-w to load. I've been waiting for three minutes and the little green bars are about halfway filled...I have high-speed internet too. Couldn't you just go ahead and put it on the blog? Please? Pretty Please?

sarah said...

The aforementioned article got mentioned in music/culture blog Largehearted Boy a couple of days ago.

It's the third item down.