14 January 2006

totesumbrellas january mixtape + unreleased bonus tracks

JANUARY...it means a different thing for all of us. For some, it is that awkward time when home starts to get so boring that your last resort is watching "Dancing with the Stars" with your parents. For some of us, it may be the best of times getting drunk in the back of pick-up trucks with our best friends from high school.

For most of us, it is a good time for an entirely new start.

"This semester I'm going to do better in my classes!"
"This year...I am going to learn how to play the guitar!"
"This year, I'm going to give Shamus credit for all the information that I stole from him for my blog by giving him a proper shout out."

Well, only three of those apply to me. Here's a hint. I have no intention of playing guitar.

Featuring some old favorites (I only repost them because I strongly recommend them) and some new songs...here are some resolutions that you may want to put into action.


Thanks in advance to: sugartown, gorilla vs. bear, interpretaciones diverses, callmeMICKEY, tmwsiy, some velvet blog, the rich girls are weeping, between thought and expression, my old kentucky blog, band websites, and more
  1. THE KNIFE- You Take My Breath Away...This year, I will dance like a machine.
  2. MEN, WOMEN, & CHILDREN- Dance in My Blood...This year, I will require no reason to do what feels right...namely, dancing like a machine.
  3. MAXIMO PARK- Apply Some Pressure...This year, I'll just start again.
  4. STYROFOAM & SARAH SHANNON- I Found Love/THE FREE DESIGN- I Found Love...This year, I'm going to find love.
  5. JUNIOR SENIOR- Can I Get Get Get...This year, I'm going to get to know people better.
  6. JAMESY P. f/ M.I.A.- Nookie (Diplo Remix)...This year, I'm going to get more of the nookie.
  7. HER SPACE HOLIDAY- Japanese Gum...This year, I'm going to stop being a slut.
  8. 2 LIVE CREW- Get the F*** Out...This year, I will kick sorry ass bitches OUT of my house if they try to touch my granola.
  9. I'M FROM BARCELONA- We're From Barcelona...This year, I will rep my hood.
  10. SIA- Breathe Me (Mylo Remix)...This year, I will be more upbeat than I usually am. In other words, I won't make people cry.
  11. THE PIPETTES-Dirty Mind...This year, I will stop having such a dirty mind.
  12. JOSE GONZALEZ- Hand on Your Heart...This year, I will slow down the pace of life...and my mix CDs.
  13. THE JOLLY ROGERS/OH NO! OH MY!- A Pirate's Anthem...This year, I will give up my dreams of being a pirate and find a real job.
  14. PONIES IN THE SURF- See You Happy...This year, I will take pleasure in the happiness of others.
  15. NELLIE McKAY- I Am Nothing...This year, I will be something.

And finally some new songs by soulful black women...and Cat Power too, who might as well be a soulful black woman.

This is a studio version of a Lauryn Hill track from her UNplugged album. I'm not sure if it's been rerecorded or what...Lauryn has been pretty mysterious since The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Apparently, a version of this song was recorded way back and dropped because she was afraid that the message would cause people to do stupid things, especially since it was immediately after Amadou Diallo got shot 41 times. I am not sure which version this is-- a new one or the original...but it's damn good (much better than the recent Fugees leak) and it's about time we heard more music from Lauryn. Thank you My Old Kentucky Blog.

LAURYN HILL- Rebel (studio version)

Anyone who says that Mary J. Blige isn't talented needs to check themselves before they wreck themselves. In any case, here is a pretty mediocre remix of the first single off of The Breakthrough. The album itself is great...and features a cover of U2's "One" that is better than the original in my opinion. Because Bono has no soul.

MARY J. BLIGE- Be Without You (remix)

Here is a bonus track from the Japanese import of Cat Power's "The Greatest".

CAT POWER- Dreams (Everly Brothers cover)

Let me see ya grill,
Joe John


Anonymous said...

joe-john. I can't reply to your journal entry. see what gender daniel v. prefers. additionally, tell diana she gives inspiration for nerds everywhere. seriously. I love her.

shamus said...

Thanks for the cred. And Daniel V loves the mens, also, Diana is selling "Fashion Nerd" pins via her blog--- go buy and support!

Tommy said...

guys - diana has her own tv show now!


rock on asian connection, rock on