14 January 2006

totes an interview: rob kallick of the changes

The Changes are a Chicago-based band that aren't as well-known as I think they should be. They've done shows with everyone from Malkmus to The Futureheads to Ambulance LTD to The Walkmen...even John Mayer? Well, not really...but you'll have to read the interview to hear about that! Rob Kallick was kind enough to talk to me about a variety topics including playing Lollapalooza, Kanye, Hilary Duff, their full length album, and cancer rock-operas. Before you read, feel free to take a listen to a few songs...

THE CHANGES- Modern Love
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And so begin the questions...

Joe John: Your MySpace lists influences such as Wonder Woman and R. Kelly. I mean, more specifically "The R." (as he calls himself) is listed first...How exactly has "The R." influenced your sound?

Rob: We're influenced by a lot more than just music. You know how some people can't look you right in the eye when they talk to you? We're influenced by that. So we're also influenced by R. Kelly's insanity. We think about it all the time and it seeps into our music.

JJ: On that topic, can we expect an epic rock-(soap) opera from you guys one day?

R: We actually wrote one about cancer but deemed it too scandalous to perform live. Maybe one day.

JJ: I was first introduced to your music by the song "Modern Love (Hilary Duff version)"...Can you tell us more about the song-- the idea, the inspiration, etc?

R: Dave was reading about her in Blender at the studio and realized her life story fit perfectly with the song "Modern Love". So we decided to join them together into some sort of bastard love child. The result was more amazing than any of us could have expected. We've heard that Hilary may have actually heard the song, but we don't have 100 percent verification on that.

JJ: I was shocked that The Changes shared a stage with John Mayer and Maroon 5. I mean, JOHN MAYER! The man said in a magazine that he wanted to change his sound because "you can't get any pussy with an acoustic guitar". So you clearly got more girls than him at the show, eh?

R: We definitely never shared a stage with either band, although we played Summerfest in Milwaukee a few years ago and they played the same night on a stage 100 times the size of ours. I'm assuming they weren't drowned out by the video game tent like we were.

JJ: So despite being on a smaller stage than them, both Adam Levine and John Mayer have since worked with Kanye West...we don't have to worry about you working with Kanye, do we?

R: We love Kanye and we'd love to work with him.

JJ: So do you think he'll beat out Gwen Stefani, U2, Paul McCartney, and Mariah Carey for the Album of the Year award at the Grammies?

R: I think that he can definitely win. Although I'd like to see what he does if he doesn't win. He might go insane.

JJ: You've shared a stage with a very diverse group of performers...Who was the best to tour or do a show with?

R: Personally I liked playing with Stephen Malkmus the most as he's sort of a hero to me. We've been fortunate to play with a lot of really great bands....

JJ: How was Lollapalooza?

R: Very very very very hot and sweaty. And fun. Also, very hot.

JJ: When can we expect a full length album?

R: Our first full length will be out this spring! We are very excited. We have a bunch of new songs.

JJ: Anything else you can tell us about the new songs?

R: The new songs have all been written in the past 6-10 months, although we have a few new ones from recent weeks. Many of them we've played live, although a few we haven't yet. They feature some new instruments (Jonny plays the glockenspiel on one) and arrangements we haven't really explored yet in previous recordings so we're excited about that. We feel like they demonstrate the natural progression of our sound.
If you're as excited about the full length as I am, do yourself a favor and pick up the EPs online...they'll surely keep your ears occupied until this spring!

All I needed was to need what I'm feeling,
Joe John


Justin said...

Wow! I'm so excited about this, Joe John. I mean, this is the first time the word "glockenspiel" has appeared on our blog!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thanks for sharing.