23 January 2006

totes an interview: action action

Action Action is a band from Long Island, NY that a lot of people wouldn't go near at all because of their record label...Victory Records, the home of Taking Back Sunday, Atreyu, and A Perfect Murder. Despite this association, they're managing to get exposure on the web because, well, they're good. Their sound has been associated with The Bolshoi and Bauhaus. Also, let's take into account that they're produced by William Wittman (the man who MADE Cyndi Lauper). Boys just wanna have fun too!

Leave your hipster attitudes at the door...and take a listen to a few songs. If you like what you hear, take a look at an interview. If you still respect the band afterwards (j/k), you can buy the album tomorrow...and then see them live in Hamden, CT this Thursday the 26th.

ACTION ACTION- A Tornado; An Owl
ACTION ACTION- What Temperature Does Air Freeze At?
(BUY their new album An Army of Shapes Between Wars)


(BUY their debut album Don't Cut Your Fabric to Last Year's Fashion,
ignore association with The Bravery)

And on to the questions...

Joe John: Personally, how would you describe your sound to someone who is not familiar with your music?

Action Action: Synthesized Rock performed by angst ridden robots.

JJ: Any story behind your name?

AA: Its just a play on words kind of a double negative thing.

JJ: Another music blogger wrote..."This will probably be the only time I'll ever make a post on a band from Victory Records, because, generally speaking, VR puts out complete crap (i.e. Bayside, A Perfect Murder, Hawthorne Heights, etc)... but NYC-based Action Action stands out like Condi at Bush's white-tie events."...How do you respond to this? Do you have anything to say in defense of your label-mates?

AA: A lot of people don't realize how hard it is to be in a band. Its a lot of struggle and hard work and a lot of times you get very depressed while you're on tour. I respect each and every person who does what I do no matter how bad someone else thinks the music they make is. A lot of times I may not like a certain band's music but the people in the band are the nicest people ever and I think that is more of a testament than the sound of their music.
(Did they take a page out of Chloe Dao's book?)

JJ: Well, I've heard a few songs from the new album. How would you say that it is different from Don't Cut Your Fabric To This Year's Fashion? Are there more or less drug references? Less or more synth?

AA: It's not neccasarily different than the last album. It's just a progression from the last one. We didn't want to put something out that sounded completely different than the last one so we used the same key "ingredients". I think it has more synth but rocks harder. The drug references aren't neccasarily about drugs but more about addiction and a state of mind.

JJ: Anything else you'd like to say about the album?

AA: Buy it please! No just joking. We are really proud of it and hope our fans are very into it. It seemed like it took us forever to make and it really challenged us as a band, as people, and as friends.

JJ: How was working with William Wittman?

AA: William is amazing. I've never met a smarter, more brilliant human being. Sometimes I feel like he knows everything about everything cause he can answer any question you have. He's just very wise and is amazing at what he does. Everytime we give him something to do, the product he gives back is way above par.

JJ: Have you ever received any strange, unusual, funny, or creepy fan mail? Do tell.

AA: Sometimes...we get the occasional "creepy" email but a lot of times it's hard to tell a persons tone via email. My personal favorties are people who email us from out of the country and english is their 2nd or 3rd language. You cant really make fun of them but reading the emails usually gets you a laugh or two.

JJ: What's up with touring?

AA: Well, we are doing a short acoustic in-store the week of the record release and then we will be doing more US tours thereafter. I would say just keep going to our website or our myspace to check for tour updates.

JJ: Are there any new, up-and-coming musical acts that you think we should keep our eye on?

AA: Classic Case, Love Drug, The Sleeping, Men Women and Children...I'm sure there is many more just cant think of any of the top of my head.

JJ: Any last words you'd like to say to fans or other listeners?

AA: Thanks for the support. We hope you enjoy the new cd and hope to see you at an upcoming show.
If you enjoyed this interview, just wait until you see what's coming up.

Also, if you want to complain to me that I have bad taste in music, it's no worst than America's choices. A song from the Disney channel original movie High School Musical is currently number one on iTunes. Not only that...but the soundtrack currently holds 4 of the top 10 spots on iTunes. NOT ONLY THAT...but essentially every song on the soundtrack is in the top 100.

Breaking Free as hard as Gabriela & Troy,
Joe John


mell said...

OH MY GOD! Did I miss the premiere of High School Musical? I was watching "Stuck in the Suburbs" the other day (yes, I was at that stage of procrastination) and the "music video" for the lovey dovey song at what appears to be a new year's party came on and THE UNFORTUNATE LOOKING GUY FROM SUMMERLAND WAS ON THERE! (the one that was Kay Pannabaker's tv boyfriend, the chick on Phil of the Future) Now, I know I was the only person who watched Summerland (I have a Full House thing..three sisters and all that) but that's crazy, man. Three former Summerland peeps on Disney

Justin said...

No joke, Mell, when I read this the first thing I thought was "Shit! I must have missed the premiere of High School Musical!!!". We are the same.

Joe John said...

Don't worry you two...I'm sad that I missed it too.

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