12 January 2006

stroke the fire

Billboard enrages me, and not because the magazine's layout is shit, and it costs $79.50 an issue. Like, do people really have such bad taste in music?

Jamie Foxx was number one for the second week. Are you kidding, America? HE ISN'T RAY CHARLES. Just because he's black and wears sunglasses does not mean that he's dead and blind. Or a good musician for that matter. And Foxx's loop in "Gold Digger" makes me want to die. So there.

This is not Jamie Foxx

Let's skip now to number three on the chart: "Curtain Call: The Hits" by Eminem. Who the hell still listens to Eminem? He's more washed-up than Britney these days. Seriously, the only impact he's had on my life is that I now have a strong urge to deck tween boys in baggy jeans and grey hoodies.

You live in the suburbs!

But here is the true horror of U.S. music: "First Impressions of Earth", the new Strokes album sold only 88,000 copies last week. Compare that with 131,000 for Jamie Foxx and you see my beef. I mean, 88,000 is great (Jamie Foxx is not)! But so are The Strokes, and they deserve better. At least they're number one on the new Rock Albums chart?



Joe John said...

Ok, I totally agree about Jamie Foxx. I absolutely hate him...and pretty much anything he has sung the hook on. I hate his song too...and the music video because Hype Williams directed it. Hype Williams is really pissing me off now more than anything. That stupid wide-screen, split screen bullshit is not creative, inventive, intelligent...it's just UGLY.

On another topic, I also dislike the Strokes, except for "12:45". The end.

matt p. said...

^i'm SOO glad someone else hates that wide screen/split-screen shizz as much as i do. its soo effing LAME, ugly and above all distracting. i can barely watch a video without getting streesed out slash ADDed to the max.

Andrea said...

I get Billboard free because i am an industry sleaze!

Adi said...

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