31 January 2006

spotlight on alums: be funny or be on reality television

Are you up in the NYC area? Do people think you are funny? If you answered no to both of these questions, you are worthless. Or rather...this post will be useless to you.

I just got an e-mail from beloved Wesleyan alumni Naomi Ekperigin about promoting the improv comedy theater she is working at. In response to her, I offered her a spot on the Totes team. In response to my response, she stated...

"as for being my own blogger, i don't know if i need more responsibility. BUT, then again, i did see paul rudd live and in person last night and we totally eye fucked. i think i'm pregnant, and the baby's going to be a 40 year old virgin!"

For those of you wondering what life outside of college is like...it involves being eye-fucked by boys who made your heart thump back in 1995. Oh yeah, you also do things like promote people...

CHICAGO CITY LIMITS is "New York's longest-running Off-Broadway revue." It's all good improv fun! And they're offering classes. They vary in price and are for a variety of levels! If classes aren't your thang, you can check out a show or two...

Tickets are $15 with a 2 drink minimum

They're located on 318 West 53rd Street at 8th Ave. For more information, e-mail Naomi!
Another Wesleyan alumni, Josh Kletzkin, is looking for queers to star in a brand new reality TV show for LOGO TV. It will take place in Provincetown, MA and is coincidentally titled "P-Town". It has been described as an LGBT Laguna Beach. In order to apply you must be 18-45, queer and willing to admit it on television, and willing to spend this upcoming summer in Provincetown. The show will be unscripted, and the cast members will be unpaid. If you are interested send a homotastic e-mail here with your name, age, story, phone number, e-mail address, and a photograph (because ugly people aren't allowed to be on TV).

Joe John

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