12 January 2006

silk charmeuse, my signature fabric

Since Joe John already buried my Project Runway recap with another related post, I may as well add to the pile.

1) Tim Gunn has a podcast! Now I've known this for a while and for some reason didn't pay any attention, but it is GOLD. It's Tim Gunn's usual sarcasm and patronizing storytelling but for 10 glorious minutes! In the one I'm listening to now, a recap of episode 5, he just said about Marla, "Oh my God, the woman's a sociopath." You can also find it in the iTunes music store. There is no reason not to listen to Tim Gunn when you're avoiding conversation between classes.

2) For the brave among you who weren't fazed by Kevin Federline's rap, here's an interview with Santino in which he distributes such gems as "I'll take the piss out of myself before I let some bitter opinionated faggots try to read me!" I honestly haven't read the whole thing, but if you're not eating anytime soon, go for it.

Also, I cannot possibly recommend Blogging Project Runway enough. Links to all the designers' websites, including Austin Scarlett!! It'll give you something to do between my recaps, since I know the Internet just ain't the Internet without Project Runway.

Oh my God Tim Gunn just started speaking French,


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Justin said...

Austin!!! The 1700s never looked so good.