06 January 2006

pop culture cliffnotes 2.0

Basically a re-cap of everything that happened this week...or at least everything I care about and some pictures. And lots of stuff having to do with ANTM.
  • Psylocke is going to be in X-Men 3. The only person who will care about this is comic book geeks...they'll also probably care that she's going to be inaccurately Asian in the movie. Oh Brett Ratner!
  • Tom Cruise's Oprah episode creates new slang- "jump the couch", meaning strange or frenetic behavior.
  • Lindsay Lohan stars...in (basically) The Princess Diaries...3? Directed by the man who brought us Flipper in 1996. Also LiLo admitted to being as fucked up as we thought she was, after being hospitalized...again.
  • Fallen boy band Take That wants body doubles for their reunion tour.
  • Never to be released Britney song! "too hip"
  • Justin Timberlake...Jr?
  • PROJECT GLITTAH!!!!...Set your calendars for March 27, 2006. We're going to put Mariah Carey's "Glitter" back on the map.
  • GREAT!!!...I was always waiting for the LFO solo projects!!!!!! Summer Girls Part Deux.
  • I turn the dial trying to catch a break, and then I hear Babyface...getting a divorce? Sad.
  • The long forgotten Pink picks a suitable name for her next album-- "I'm Not Dead".
  • Taaaaaaaaaake ooooooooon meeeeeeee...um what? A-Ha is back and...er...better than ever?
  • Nicole from ANTM's Elle Girl photoshoot is released. Also see her in IN TOUCH weekly.
  • Jesse, Eliza, Justin, Katey, and I aren't the only losers who try to recreate Top Model magic.

Lindsay's little sista loves the cornrows. Lindsay obviously loves the Mary Jane.

Ebony is not getting it twisted...and continuing on her dream of becoming a model. As do Nik, Bre, and Lisa.
Essie Lash and shitparade's Andrea...clearly famous thanks to the Top Model livejournal community (of stalkers).
Ooh Coryn, you make my whistle blow. More candids taken from MySpace and Facebook.
Speaking of Top Models, Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry party like it's 1999...aka they make out like Dick Clark and his wife did on national television. Apparently New Years wasn't the only thing rockin' for Dick Clark that night! Ya'knowhatimsayin?? ::nudge nudge, wink wink::

Speaking of Dick Clark's rockin' cyborg self...
Check him out feeling up Mimi!!!

Apparently...Hulk Hogan and Tyrese are homies.
Weirdest. Party. Ever.

And the lost fourth replacement member of Destiny's Child is finally found! Farrah replaced LaTavia and LeToya back in the day and then mysteriously disappeared after a "stomach virus". You can see her in the videos for "Say My Name" and "Jumpin' Jumpin'". Now she too is partying with Tyrese! Where does he get his friends?
Just when you thought it was weird enough...look who's talking now...and by talking, I mean hanging out. Nik and Lil Jon get crunk.

...and finally, Bill Nye the Science Guy beats Luke Wilson for creepiest bulge ever.

Weird Science,
Joe John


Anonymous said...


God dammit. Just because she's a purple-haired ninja. The whole point is that she's bitchy English aristocracy. That's what gives her character.

Stuffed in my locker after school,

Katey said...

Um, technically, 2005/2006 are two years, and therefore both cannot be the Year of Mimi. Fools.

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